Stick A Fork In Me........  

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6/16/2006 4:33 pm

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Stick A Fork In Me........

....I am done. Enough bullshit from men from here...... once again, stood up (as in not calling etc when plans were tentative) --- or suddenly "coming up" with something else at the last minute. And this is 3 times in about 2 weeks! Well, it's Friday night... think I am better company for myself, I can watch t.v. or a movie and work on my sewing, instead of meeting with someone new who'll probably end up sucking in bed. (even tho i may have been chatting on IM and phone with him/them for a while.) I've said it once, twice.......a hundred times .... you don't give me enough warning or a good excuse, I consider it pissing me off and u are history.
I will stay in contact with my guy friends, that's it, no more meeting anyone new. Take a look at the "meat" on my list of friends.... I have my choice of damn good looking guys who are quite good in bed. If I have to wait a bit longer till our schedules are compatible to see each other the next time, so be it.

FunToBeWith062 65M

6/17/2006 5:39 pm

Like everyone, you deserve to be treated with respect. Common courtesy goes a long way when making new friends and starting a new relationship. Not all guys are jerks, however, you have to weed out the idiots from the sincere ones. It takes time and patience, so hang in there ... and good luck.

--- Chris

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