Sooooooooo, I Hurt YOUR feelings???  

Ladyblue802 58F
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8/23/2006 12:13 pm
Sooooooooo, I Hurt YOUR feelings???

Can someone PLEASE tell me what the fuck is wrong with men?? I had someone at least an hour away and 12 years younger send me a message and photo this morning. #1 - while he was nice looking he just wasn't my type of guy #2 - I "think" I am just coming out of a relationship, and I do not even want to meet anyone, esp. new anytime soon.

So I politely replied to him that I am looking for a possible LTR, and just am not interested in meeting anyone who lives far away (no matter how much we might click).

Think he went away quietly??? HELL NO! Just HAD to write back and say very snotty, something to the effect that I'm not his type either: too old, too fat, too heavy.

Ok, color me the asshole, but wasn't it him that wrote to me first??? Hey, I have my body pics posted, was he trying to feel the Braille dots on the monitor?? ..... guess he thought I would be easy pussy huh?

Oh and BTW, his handle is a variation on WILDTIMZ from the boston area. If you meet him, tell him how much women appreciate his manners!

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