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4/24/2006 5:37 pm

(originally posted 10/8/05)

...well once again, I have decided to leave AdultFriendFinder. my membership expires the end of October, altho i will let it "lay" as a standard, I dont expect to be active -- at least for quite a while.

I am burned out: that is, sick and tired of being lied to, used and abused and fucked over by even people I thought were friends. Those who turn an evening into a one-night stand .... I understand that mentality of just fuck and run. But what has literally broken my heart and worn me down mentally is those guys who were friends. We had been together several times, had some good times and amazing sex. Do men realize what they are doing when they do it??

I "had" one guy who I absolutely adored: loved his body type, loved his cock -- was probably the only guy who could DO IT for me every single time and in any position. This was someone I would've loved to see more than once a week. From the way he talked to me, he felt the same way. What happened? Well, naturally, from the beginning, me being the too nice person I have always been... on a couple of occasions when making a date with me, he would say, "I might get a call to take care of some work at home..." first. So when he didnt show, being thee trusting person i am, figured, that came up. Oh we got together many many times for the naked tango.... but still, there was more than one time when he would beg to come visit, i would arrnage my schedule to be available, he would then say, "....I just have to check on something first...but I should make it over." Well when I tell you, let me know either way, is that not clear enough?? So I would wait, and wait, and wait. I know I'm not the only women who has had this happen to them -- it's the line that means, "...I really want to fuck u for a while, BUT if something better comes up in the meantime...." Well fucking excuse me!!!
And this is one of those few friends I saw on a regular basis who always told me how great I was in bed, he loved how tight I am, have great muscle control, and suck a cock like he never had done before, and oh yeah, I am a gusher which for some strange reason excites guys! As a matter of fact, every guy I've been with has always asked me, Where did u learn to do that???(bj's) (its a natural talent I guess -- now to be an unused wasted talent). SO as much as i love sex on a regular basis with a (few) regular guy(s), I think he has gotten the hint that I as much as I was crazy about him, I will no longer see him.
This is not the only guy who has done this to me... there have been many, then they kinda act surprised when I get an attitude. No I am not acting like, hey we had a relationship going here --- its a little thing called RESPECT!!!
As a friend, a woman, someone willing to HAVE SEX WITH YOU~~~ do not treat me like dog shit on the bottom of ur boot!
As many of you know, I never had a problem dating married guys, when they said they would meet me.... they did. And if by some odd chance they didnt -- I completely understood it was a wife thing! lol
One of my big mistakes was always ending up being the first woman who became friends with the guys who were always just Separated or Divorced. I had to listen to them bitch and moan about the divorce etc.... which was fine, friends do that.
And at those times if it became sexual, like any of my friends w/bennies (or any man I am in an LTR with)I treated them every time I am with them as if they are the ONLY man in my life: ie. massages, etc. Most times getting shit in return, etc. IF i was lucky,I would get an occasional pitiful fuck, all for them, because they were just so "blown away" that someone other than the ex-wife was allowing them to stick it in her.
I would always try to gently tell them, do this or do that, tell them what turned me on. Then once again, after seeing me a couple of times and always telling me how much they miss me being around, how good I treat them, etc..... it never fails, we make a date days in advance and then a few hours before our date, they ask if we can make it the next night, etc, something came up. THEN the stupid fucks tell me a few days later, they ended up meeting up with so-and-so and getting laid, then tell me how many times -- with other women from the site. Well you're very fucking welcome for using me as a warm-up AND then having the fucking balls to stand me up!
Why is it these discarded husbands (or men in general who claim no sex life) think because one woman lets them in her bed they suddenly are studs? Or even have a clue what to do besides the basic "Put in it, pump a few times and unload". LOL I havent kept count of the guys I've met thru here, but I can honestly count on ONE hand how many were actually good in bed. And THAT means also being concerned that the woman has her share of orgasms!
So..... I guess at this point since I will be saving $$ on no membership, I'll have to invest in a few good vibrators -- and I have always preferred the live body parts to machinery --- so that should give u a good idea of how fucking pissed off, disgusted and emotionally worn out I am after less than a year.

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