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4/24/2006 5:30 pm

(originally posted 10/4/05)

Ok, time to vent again... but this is ONLY for the ladies, cuz quite frankly, men can't comprehend any of the shit they even read.... which only confirms what I've known for over 20 years ~~ the size of a man's brain truely is what he can only fit into the "head" of his dick instead of the one he attempts to carry on his shoulders.

I have been back on this site for approx. 18 months and coming up on 40,000 hits (then the nazis killed my profile). I really should have kept count on how many actually wrote: who was polite yet too far away for me to consider, who were just plain rude and nasty from the first: "Hey there, I love big tits.... can I tit fuck u with my 9" cock? here's my # ...."
Well gee, that really catches my interest!!

Although when i started here a year ago, my profile was quite simple.... i was then looking for friends with benefits (if anything developed, fine). Men seem to think that means, "ok, I'll just talk to the broads for a few days .... weeks, get their trust, fuck them silly then go bye-bye. " Hey! Nice to have someone make us feel like whores!

Yes, true, this may be a sex site, and while there are a small percentage of women who do just want hot sweaty sex without even knowing the guys' names..... thats fine for them, but men don't seem to understand, while they are all about getting turned on automatically by visuals, women get turned on by treated with R-E-S-P-E-C-T, kindness and yes, if I may say it here, romance. Even if there is an understanding between all that one or both are married.

And then there are those guys.... yes I have countless myself who have been eventually kicked to the curb ~~ those who I have met with once, sometimes more and they eventually fail that "friends w/bennies" test. That is, never keeping in touch, even with just a "Hi, how u doing , what's new, etc" They only start a conversation when THEY want to get laid -- then expect us (me) to be ready to throw ourselves down and spread for them like they are the greatest fucks in town. Well from my experience with MANY MANY of the guys I have met thru here, in all age ranges..... there have only been 3 that have really DONE IT for me in all aspects of a friendship/sexual relationship. And I am very leery of those guys who have to brag in their profiles how great they are in bed, cuz I wonder after being with some of them "You the hell told u you were even good??" How many men actually know WHERE the hell a woman's clit is --- and that if they do know....u dont treat it like a piece of meat. My god!! my venting for the women ~~ esp. those who are suspicious of who to meet and/or trust....ALWAYS trust ur instincts!! I have chatted with on IM, e-mails and phone with many many of these fools throughout the state.... and can tell whoever wants to know ---

#1 - who lies in their profiles
#2 - who is acutally married when they state in their stats that they are separated, divorced or single!
#3 - who tends to show up drunk (or drinks like a fish upon arriving)
#4 - and more esp. those who CAN'T get it up or keep it up -- and its more than a temp. problem, then make excuses.
#5 - and of course, I can tell you who IS worth the trouble.

Do I have something against married guys? Not at all, but be upfront and honest. I can be a good friend and yes, girlfriend to a married guy, but dont try to fuck me over. And I don't know why guys seem to think us women are really that stupid -- when it comes to trying to lie to us about why they can only meet us during "certain hours" ! DUH!!

So girls, got any questions for ME about guys u may be suspicious about --- go ahead and ask!

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