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6/26/2006 5:10 pm

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I dont know why this pisses me off ---- aside from the fact i have had a real sucky few days and if u just look at me I'll go off on you ......... but for a long time I have noticed this problem. WHen I invite someone to my network, and I don't do it helter-skelter, I always check to see who they (he) may have in their network. Even if it's jsut a couple of "friends" ..... or numerous..... like 30, 40.... over 100??? How many of you check to see who even still has their profiles active. I have looked at many profiles and when checking their networks....... one person who had say 10 friends, only 2 or 3 were still active. What gives??? Does it make u feel extra special for everyone to think you have that many friends??? Or to make people think you actually stay in touch with even 10 people on a regular basis??
I know most men either ask to invite someone, or are accepted into a woman's network to see albums, or watch (and yes, get offered to buy her personal porn videos -- yet the site ignores this!?)
Usually before I invite someone, I checked who their friends are -- sometimes it gives me an idea of the type of person they are supposedly attracted to.
Yes, right now I have about 17 guys in my network... I have had/have relationships with several and we chat on a regualr basis, weekly if not every few days. A few I will probably never meet because of distance.... yet we are online buddies. And there are even a few who I met thru here who are no longer on my network, yet we are always in touch.
It's just a real pet peeve with me to see someone who has an outrageous number of friends listed and know there is no possible way they could even stay in contact with a fraction of them.
There is one particular person who has way over 10,000 friends....... (imagine me laughing hysterically!). She is in my current b.f.'s network. When i asked him why..... he said she invited him (he was new meat at the time), then he told me she has videos posted and offers many more for sale. Hmmm...... yet the site does nothing about it and I know there have been complaints made??? ANd here my first profile was booted after 14 months because I added a line stating , "....If u think u can treat me like whore, u better be prepared to pay me like one if u expect sex on the first meeting...." -- because one guy got pissed when i kept turning him down. go figure. I was accused of violating the TOS by soliciting for prostitution! >>! But I suppose if I sell my personal videos it will be ok, as long as I dont make the offer until I get ur perosnal e-mail.
So once again boys and girls.... check ur network and clean out the dead weight.... it just makes u look lazy by not doing a little housekeeping with ur profile.
More vodka anyone???

LangeVelumBasis 37M  
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7/1/2006 9:54 pm

Id clean mine out, but I can only look at active members so all teh inactive ones sit there adn clutter me up

Ladyblue802 58F

7/2/2006 9:53 am

This is true.... lately I've noticed that when u try to open ur list of friends, AdultFriendFinder has only been showing the ACTIVE members. which is stupid if u cant get rid of those long gone

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