Who gets to be happy????  

LadySunrise 33F  
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4/13/2006 5:40 pm

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6/23/2006 4:30 pm

Who gets to be happy????

Walking up the newly trimmed walkway to the front porch with a huge grin of satisfaction and appreciation on my face, the wind blew time right away. It was a beautiful day to work in the yard. The playful butterflies danced with the daffodils. The birds sang for miles. Happiness set into my heart and poured into my soul. Sated my shadow stretched across the fresh green lawn, truly happy.


A very bitter family member of mine came outside to try to break the happy chain. “what are you smiling about? There aint nothing to be happy about. No one deserves to be happy.” Then she scurried across the grass and to her car. Just as she was moving the clouds came in and the gust became cold…..Happiness didn’t reside insider her.

My question today, WHO DESERVES TO BE HAPPY??

Anyone, somebody, no one??

The person who saves a life?

The person who does a good deed?

The honest shopper?

The friendly neighbor?

Is happiness something that gets distributed? Passed along to the ones that have endured long hardships??

live more, laugh often, love much

n0tatalker 39M

4/14/2006 7:02 am

Everyone that doesn't enjoy the pain of others.

ArgosPlumyKooky 45F
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4/14/2006 10:24 pm

happiness is sumthing that those who work to maintain and spread deserve

rm_FreeLove999 46F
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4/15/2006 6:19 am

we all deserve happiness, just many of us are not so good at achieving it...

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rm_lovelyLady 63F
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4/15/2006 8:04 am

Good question LadySunrise
But sometimes we have things to work through, and cant see what is really happening.
It might take a minute, an hour, a week, a month, a year, or a life time.........
Sometimes we have to learn that lesson over and over till we really get it.

Just love them any way and remember "They are doing the best they can, at the time." Some lessons take longer than others, and if a person hasn't figured it out yet, no matter how easy or hard it is, some things just take time.....

I have learned that things always work out for the best, and I know there is power in giving, sharing, praying for others, and love. I also know untill a person has figured it out, they just wont get it......
It being.... •good things happen to those that think of others and
•having a positive outlook is always going to have the best results..


but I think you already know that........

xoxo LL

rm_lovelyLady 63F
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4/15/2006 8:07 am

Oh yeah, one of my fathers favorite sayings (and I dont think it hurts to remind others)

If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all

That kind of goes for people that are just out to thoughtlessly hurt others...

Hope you are havin a great holiday weekend!
xoxoxo LL

LadySunrise 33F  
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4/15/2006 3:45 pm

no talker thats so very true!!

sweetcat thank so much for the visit!!!

waggy...i sure did!!! it takes a lot for my joy to be stolen!

snatch...thanks for the visit!! you are correct !!

free....i had that same passing thought today!!

lovelylady!! thank you so very much!! and i hope your weekend goes well!!!

live more, laugh often, love much

redswallow777 48M
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4/17/2006 4:51 pm

Happiness has nothing to do with the word deserving. I hope that cloud passed quickly and you once again took in the glory of nature that was all about you....

rm_shootist05 66M
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6/23/2006 2:51 pm

Helo everyone;
I'm a really new guy; but wanted to comment on every one being happy. Happiness is a feeling that we have all shared at one time in our lives. To each of us that feeling came in many forms; and just as equally , at many different levels. What is reall happiness for one, may be just the opposite for another.
We all can be happy if we want to, it depends on how many masks you have to take off before you can see it!We all wear masks, and the ones who have the fewest, I think, have a better chance at happiness.It seems the older I get, the happier I seem to be. It can and doeshappen; and I wish happiness on all of you.

rm_shootist05 66M
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6/23/2006 2:56 pm

sexyfitwoman; I think you have a beattiful repose!!!

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