STORY~Stroke of Midnight~New Year  

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STORY~Stroke of Midnight~New Year

The party was moving into high gear, with all of Lady and Babys friends from Tucson seemingly crowded into one small living room. The year, finally, was coming to an end, and everyone was counting down until the midnight hour.

Another year, another New Year’s Eve party.

In just a few hours, it would all be over. But for now, Lady kept drinking and Baby kept dancing, determined to ring in the new year and ring out the old. As the clock struck eleven, they both knew the final moment was nearing. From across the room, Lady locked on Babys beautiful blue eyes. In that instant, all the noise and the loud rock music seemed to completely fade away.

Lady gazed at Baby as he slowly walked toward her, his ass practically crying to be released from his tight-fitting jeans. Raising his EggNog to his smooth, kissable lips, Baby took a sip, then popped a maraschino cherry into his mouth.

“Mmmm,” he growled as he rolled the cherry back and forth across his tongue. Then with his most wolfish look, he whispered in Ladys ear, “My cherry tastes sweet. What does yours taste like?” Baby was wickedly cute when he'd had a drink or two.

Baby detected a strong vanilla scent as Lady tossed her gorgeous blonde hair across his face. Lady showed him her watch. Eleven forty five. Just fifteen minutes until the new year. She grabbed Baby by his arm, pulled him close and whispered back into his ear, “Let's ring in the year the right way…back at my place.”

Baby looked deeply into Lady's brilliant blue eyes. “There's hardly enough time to get to your place,” he warned. “If you're serious, we’re going to have to find a place closer and it's not going to be in the truck.”

“That’s not what I had in mind at all,” said Lady as she looked around the living room. “Here,” she motioned as she grabbed his hand. “Follow me.” Winding their way through the dancing crowd, Baby noticed the clock on the wall. Eleven forty eight. Time was running out if they were going to do this right.

The hallway was dark, but at least it was quieter. A row of doors on each wall gave them hope. Maybe there was a place for them behind one. Lady cracked open the first door, but shut it abruptly when she heard heavy moaning. Baby opened the second door, but shut it quickly when he heard someone else on the phone. “We’are screwed,” he whispered. “We're not going to make it.” Lady checked the time. Eleven fifty. “We'll make it,” she murmured as she opened a third door to discover a closet barely big enough for them both. She grabbed Baby by the arm and shut the door behind him.

They faced each other in the pitch black darkness, Lady feeling Baby's hot breath brushing her cheek. “We have just a few minutes,” she said. But Baby was way ahead of her, kissing her mouth and pressing the entire length of his muscular body against hers. Baby began kissing her neck, his left hand grabbing her legs while his right hand worked its way under her short red dress.

The walls of the closet pulsed as the muffled music from the living room grew louder. The crowd was beginning to dance more wildly, sensing that the new year was only minutes away. Lady's tongue swathed Baby's lips, aching for a chance to taste his ass. She began to lower herself down between his legs, when Baby stopped her and pulled her back up.

“No time for that,” he warned as his smooth, large hands began probing her warm, wet pussy. Lady let out a soft moan of pleasure as Baby pulled her panties down around her knees. Her panties dropped to the floor, Lady raised up her leg, hooking her knee over his shoulder. Wresting his belt from its buckle, Baby let his pants drop as well, his large cock hardening as his thick fingers began probing deeper into her deliciously moist love muffin. Lady gave her palm a long, wet lick, lowered it and began stroking Baby’s massively swollen rod.

Their breathing grew heavier as the hour grew near. Outside in the hallway, some drunk was running down the hallway, yelling and laughing, “Three minutes! Three minutes and it's the New Year!”

Inside the dark, cramped closet, it was getting steamier. More intense. “I want you in me,” moaned Lady, grabbing Baby's cock and pulling it inside her. She lifted her other leg over his shoulder, spreading herself wider, inviting him to thrust his way to the hilt, ramming her again and again, each time his balls slamming violently against her buttocks.

“Two minutes!” yelled the muffled voices in the other room, their screams growing louder with anticipation. Lady grabbed Baby's ass cheeks with both hands and began thrusting into high gear. He grabbed her the same way, his fingers getting soaked by her excitement. Although it was still dark, Lady could just make out his beautiful, blue's looking straight into hers.

“Fuck me,” she whispered softly to him. “Make me cum now, at the stroke of midnight!” Baby didn’t answer. He just moved even closer to her perfect face and locked his lips on to hers. As their tongues intertwined, their hips began grinding together in perfect harmony. Rubbing up and down, scratching an insatiable itch until they fused as one, a mass of frenzied passion.

“Ten! Nine! Eight!” counted down the crowd in the next room.

“Oh geezzz…” Lady shivered as she began to lose control from Baby's hard, fast pounding.

“Seven! Six! Five!” chanted the crowd.

“I'm…about…to…cum”, moaned Baby, pumping harder and faster, losing himself in her dreamy, warm wetness.

“Four! Three! Two! One! Happy new year!” roared the crowd outside, sounding off with party horns and popping champagne corks.

“I love you, baby!” cried Lady and Baby” at once, each one erupting into a shattering, forceful orgasm at exactly the same moment. Waves of juices gushed from them both, bathing their legs and leaving them speechless.

The music in the living room crooned an old classic from 1964, while Baby and Lady held each other, sliding down on to the closet floor, exhausted, trying to catch their breaths.

Wrapped in each other's arms, Lady looked into Baby's sparkling, joyous eyes. “Baby,” she said as she kissed his cheek, “it may be a new year to everyone else, but as far as I'm concerned, you're the reason it's going to be a happy one.”


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Now that is a hot story!!

LadySucksss 70F

1/8/2006 3:41 pm

The hotter the better!!! YES????


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