Lets Video Tape Us.....Part 2 .......to be continued  

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10/18/2005 9:30 pm

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Lets Video Tape Us.....Part 2 .......to be continued

Next Lady put her thumbs in her thong and pulled her it up slowly....tight against her pussy.....Baby tilted the camera down, filling the screen with her barely covered mound. "Oh, didn't that thing come with x-ray vision?" Lady taunted. "Uh-uh," was about the best Baby could reply. And he was completely struck dumb by his next view: Lady's right hand sliding under the tiny triangle of fabric and getting busy beneath it.

Baby now moved to get the best shot of the action, but his view was still thwarted by the fabric of her thong. Lady knew she was driving him wild. She slowly backed up until she reached the bed, then lay on it, her feet still on the floor, her legs spread wide, her fingers still massaging. "Did you want to help me out of my underwear?" she asked in a husky voice. It may not have looked great on tape when Baby's hand entered the frame and pulled off her thong, but it did give him the view he was dying to see: Lady's exposed pussy, now glistening with her secretions, her lips puffy, her fingers active. "Put your finger in. Please," Baby managed to choke out. "What's my motivation?" Lady replied with a laugh.

Like any supportive director, Baby wanted to help his actor play her role. So he unzipped his pants, and freed his straining cock. "We need to know if there's room for this," Baby said, as he began to stroke his engorged organ. Convinced by his directorial passion, Lady complied. First she inserted one finger, then a second, each digit sliding in easily. She began to swirl them around, massaging her G-spot. Baby held the camera with one hand, his cock with the other. "Let's make this a two-shot," Lady said. "Me and your cock."

Baby hurried to a spot beside where her head lay on the bed, and, while pulling the shot slightly back, brought his rigid pole down to her face. Lady's hazel eyes widened, as she took his cock with her free hand and eagerly sucked it into her mouth. Baby let out a moan of pleasure. Lady looked over to the TV, and watched herself devour Baby's cock. "This is better than a sucker," she said for the camera. Baby continued to videotape himself getting blown, then used the camera to pan down over Lady's luscious naked body. After a moment he returned the shot to his cock, the underside of which Lady was now gently licking. "Are you getting my good side?" Lady asked. "It's all good side," Baby replied.

Lady ran her tongue around the engorged head of Baby's cock one more time. Then, she took the camera out of his hands. "Okay, my turn," she said. "You get to strip for me." "What's to strip?" Baby said. "I've already got my wang out." "That's not all I want to see," Lady responded. "Come on, do it and I'll take you out tomorrow for a nice rib dinner." With a shrug, he began his attempt at a strip tease. Lamely, the shirt came off. Then the pants went down. And finally the underwear. Baby checked the view in the TV, expecting that Lady would be shooting a big close up of his hard on. But proving once again that men and women are different, Lady had instead focused on her favorite part of Baby, his chest.

to be continued........

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