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Lady was now down to just her bra and her tiny panties. Babies cock was partially hard already, pushing against his g-string. Lady glanced down at it, then looked back up. She removed her bra, allowing Baby to finally take in her breasts. Baby didn't want to stare, but they were so lovely. God, he wanted to kiss them, lick them. But then, that would be against the rules...

Finally, each pushed down and stepped out of their last shred of clothing. Baby's cock was fully hard now, pointing directly at Lady, standing just a few feet from him. It fits him perfectly, Lady thought. Not too big, not too small, just right. Baby didn't want to stare at Lady's pussy either, so he took it in with a glance. Gorgeous, he thought, full and trimmed -- just like he expected. Baby reached out a hand toward her. She shook her head no, not taking it. "Just let me hold your hand," Baby said. "We can't," Lady replied. It was so hard for her to say no. Lady wanted so badly to touch him. He's so handsome. And just look at his smile...

"Do you want to lie down?" Baby asked. "Yeah. What about you?" Lady replied. "I want to stand," he said. "So I can see you better." She nodded an okay, then moved to the bed, where she lay down. Baby moved to end of the bed, standing between Lady's feet. They were both a little hesitant now; after all, what they were about to do was, in some ways, even "more intimate than actually fucking". Baby ran his hand across his chest. Lady's hand stroked her flank, and then down by her hip. Finally, Baby grasped his hard cock. But he didn't begin to pump it yet - he just held it. Lady slowly parted her legs, her knees rolling outward, the soles of her feet pushing together. Her right hand inched down across her belly, into her slit. It was already glistening with her juices. Baby began to slowly pump his hard cock, his eyes riveted on Lady's fingers in her pussy.

The middle finger of Lady's right hand continued down her slit to the very bottom, where she gathered some moisture, and then slid it slowly up toward her clit. With her left hand, she gently played with her left nipple. She just rested that middle finger to the side of her clit for a moment, her eyes locked on Baby's cock and the fist that slowly slid up and down it. "Have you ever thought about me when you've done this?" Baby asked. "A lot," Lady replied, now beginning to move that middle finger against her clit. "And what have you imagined?" he asked. Answered Lady: "Kissing you. Touching your cock. Sucking it. Then fucking you. And coming so good when you come in me." "We can do all that. And more," Baby said. "Not now," Lady said. "Maybe someday, but not today." Baby nodded as he continued to stroke himself.

"What about you? You ever think of me while doing this?" Lady asked. "Me? I never jerk off." Baby said. Startled, Lady took her eyes off his cock to look at Baby, then saw the smile on his face. "All the time, babe," he said. "You're my number one fantasy. And I can't believe I'm doing this with you." Lady began to rock her hips slightly. Her breathing became deeper, her finger moved faster, as her clit felt like it had electricity flowing through it. Baby slowed his stroking as his cock began to twitch of its own accord.

to be continued.......

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