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"You ever put a finger in?" Baby asked. "Not usually," Lady said in loud whisper. "Just when I'm really, really turned on." And with that, she slid her left hand from her breast, and plunged its middle finger deep inside her pussy. "Oh God," Baby said. "I wanna do that sooo bad." Lady keep her right finger busy on her clit, and slowly swirled her left middle finger in her hole. She was so wide open now, so totally exposed to Baby. Her leaned forward for an even closer view, and breathed deeply of her warm scent. Baby had to grasp his cock now to keep from coming.

"Come on, tell me how you'd fuck me," Lady said. "I'd put it in you so nice and slow." Baby said. "Yeah," said Lady breathlessly, her fingers now moving at lightning speed. "I can feel it. I can feel you splitting me open." "Oh yeah," Baby continued, his hand moving slowly as he fought for control. "You are so wet. And so hot. And I slide all the way in, then pull it all the way back out." "That's just how I love it," Lady said, now adding a second finger to the one immersed in her pussy. Her hips continued to buck. "And then I'd just tease you a little," Baby went on. "Just push it in a fraction, then pull it back. Over and over." Lady recreated the effect with her own fingers, just teasing the outer opening of her pussy. "Just like that," Baby said. "You'd make me so crazy," Lady said. "You are making me crazy. Oh God, I am so close." "Let it go," Baby gasped. "I wanna see you come."

"I can feel it," Lady said. "I can feel the head of your cock just inside my pussy. And it's twitching. You wanna come so badly." "I do," Baby said. "So I'd push in a little more. Slowly. You are so wet. You are so hot." "Oh yeah," Lady gasped, a warmth spreading from her clit down through her thighs. "You are in me so deep again. And I'm squeezing on you." Baby was feeling the come mass in his dick now. The tension was spreading from his cock up through his torso, as he said, "But then I start thrusting. All the way in and all the way out. Deep into you, as deep as I can, over and over and over..." Baby pumped his cock with full strokes now, his eyes locked on the action at Lady's pussy. Lady began to let out a series of little grunts, her hips bucking uncontrollably as the finger on her clit went into overdrive, the two in her pussy pistoning in and out. The grunts turned to moans as Lady barreled headlong toward her orgasm, staring at Baby's dick and the hand that stroked it.

to be continued......

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