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11/8/2005 8:51 am

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Baby finally made it home, and was pleasantly surprised to find Lady waiting for him by the door with his favorite drink, "Cherry Pussy Cat". Clinking his drink against her favorite drink of "Knock Me Down & Fuck Me", Baby said "Here's to us, babe. I know we've both been busy, and tired, and haven't had as much time for each other as we should. But it's going to get better, real soon." "I'll drink to that," Lady replied, smiling on the inside because she knew it was going to get much better in just a few hours.

The dinner Lady made was a big hit with Baby, as was the dessert she served, strawberry shortcake (though she could take no credit for making it). Baby offered to do the dishes, but Lady said she would, and suggested he just go relax in the bedroom, maybe read or watch some TV, whatever he felt like after a hard day. Again, Lady had to smile inside - if Baby thinks he's had a hard day, just wait 'til he sees what kind of "hard" night it's going to be.

to be continued........

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