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Waiting at the booth in the back of the restaurant, Lady checked her watch. It wasn't that Baby was late; rather Lady was just dying to see him. They'd both been so busy lately, so much was going on in their lives, and they just hadn't had been able to spend much time together. But finally, tonight, they'd at least get to share a nice dinner, talk, catch up. This restaurant may not have been the fanciest in Tucson, but it was their favorite. Lady took a sip of her drink. The waitress appeared. "Anything I can get for you while you wait?" she asked. Just the love of my life, Lady wanted to answer. But she merely smiled slightly, and said "No thanks."

As she turned from the waitress, Lady's slight smile turned into a 100 watt glow because Baby was coming toward the table. God, he's a great guy, Lady thought. Look at those hazel eyes. All that dishwater blonde hair. And God, is there anyone sexier than him when he wears just his tight t shirt and jeans? Lady got to her feet to greet him. "You... you look familiar," she said, kiddingly. "Yeah. You too." Baby said. "Maybe we knew each other in a past life." They exchanged a gentle kiss. Lady slid into the booth, Baby followed, and though there was plenty of room, they sat right next to each other, shoulders touching. The waitress reappeared. Before she could even ask, Baby said, "A bud. And please hurry."

Clink went the glasses holding Lady's drink and Baby's drink. Each took long sips, their eyes locked on each other. Under the table, they held hands tightly. They played catch up for a while, Baby going first, then Lady taking her turn. But in the middle of a story about her pet cat, she just blurted out, "God I love you." It actually stunned them both for a moment. Not that they didn't tell each other that a lot, but just the way it sort of burst out of its own accord. Baby smiled at her. "I love you too," he said. And then he kissed her. And kept kissing her. It tasted better than chocolate. His hand traveled up the back of her neck, and into her thick blonde hair. She returned the kiss. Deeply. Passionately. And it wasn't until the waitress had slid their salads in front of them that they even realized she was there. With a slightly embarrassed smile, they broke apart. "Fresh ground pepper?" she asked. Both shook their heads no. They were able to keep straight faces until the waitress walked off, then both began to chuckle.

It was as the salad plates were being removed that Baby felt Lady's hand on his thigh. His upper thigh. "I know that lately we haven't been as, well, as active, as you'd like," she said. "And I'm sorry." "It's nobody's fault," Lady said. "Well, we're gonna make up for it tonight," Lady said. And she slid her hand up to his crotch, resting it lightly on his package. Which was slowly beginning to stir. "By the way," Lady continued, "I'm not wearing any panties." Suddenly that stirring accelerated. "You can check, if you don't believe me," she continued. Baby dropped his hand under the table. He reached under the hem of Lady's dress, and slid it along her thigh. Slowly he moved it higher, and higher along her smooth skin. The edge of his hand felt the warmth first, and then the light tickle from her pubic hair, and then the wet stickiness of her womanhood. Lady closed her eyes, and grasped Baby's now hard penis tightly. Her legs spread more widely, and she pushed her vagina against Baby hand. Baby turned his hand ninety degrees, and gently ran his middle finger up and down her crevice. At the bottom, he pushed that finger into her canal. Or had she somehow sucked it in?

Just then the waitress appeared with and Lady's steak and Baby's steak. The booth wasn't well lit, and there was a tablecloth on the table, so it's possible she didn't realize what Baby and Lady were doing under its surface. But then again, she sure didn't seem too surprised when Lady said, "Could you please wrap our food up to go?"

"I hope you didn't mind leaving," Lady said as Baby started his truck. "You kidding?" Baby said as he pulled away from the curb. Baby was usually one to obey the speed limit, but he was soon driving at a much higher clip than normal. "There's no need to rush," Lady said. "We can enjoy the ride." First, Lady switched on the radio, finding a station that played classical music. Then, she slid her hand down Baby's belly and onto his crotch. Baby's penis, which had deflated while he paid the bill and retrieved the car, immediately began to strain against his shorts once more. He glanced down to watch Lady's hand begin its gentle massage. "You just drive," Lady whispered. "I need to visit with an old friend."

Lady continued to rub her hand and down Baby's rigid shaft. She would stroke for a moment, then grasp. Stroke, then grasp. Baby was in heaven - no one had ever touched him the way Lady had. "Having trouble driving?" Lady said with a chuckle. "No, no, I'm okay," Baby choked out.

Slowly, teasingly, Lady began to undo Baby's belt. Unhooking his pants, she slowly began to pull down his zipper. Baby's manhood surged against his underwear. With his pants open now, just a thin layer of cotton separated Lady's hand from Baby. Lady just grasped it, squeezing and releasing, squeezing and releasing. "You're driving slower," she commented. "Safety first," he replied. "Yeah, well, hold on to the wheel tight, Baby," Lady said, as she yanked his underwear down to free his engorged member, her blue eyes widening at the sight. Then, in one quick move, she engulfed its head in her mouth. Baby let out a moan of pleasure, and, sure enough, tightened his grip on the steering wheel.

Lady loved to suck on Baby. In fact, nothing got her more excited than the feel of his head on her tongue, running her tongue up and down his thick shaft, feeling him pulse in her mouth. And as she now did all those things, she could feel herself get even hotter, and flow with excitement. Having lubricated Baby's shaft with her saliva, she used her left hand to pump away on it. Baby could barely keep his mind on his driving, but luckily traffic was light. He reached his right hand out for Lady, got it on her thigh, and tried to slide it up her dress. "No, no," she said. "You just get us home." "But what about you?" Baby replied. "I'll take care of me," Lady said. And with that, Lady pulled up her skirt and put her free hand on herself. She began to massage her clitoris. There was nothing that excited Baby as much as watching Lady play with herself. (Well, okay, maybe seeing her in her birthday suit). And even though Baby didn't have much of a view, and was trying to watch the road, just the thought of her fingers moving in that glorious playground had him on the brink of explosion. And then when Lady let out a moan of pleasure, that familiar, wonderful sound, he was taken over the edge. Pushing back in his seat, holding off as long as he could, Baby finally exploded. With a huge grunt, he shot into Lady's mouth, Lady swallowing it all down greedily. Finally, he was finished. She released his head with a smile, and sat back straight into her seat. "How was that?" she asked. Baby couldn't even speak. "Let's get home," Lady said, her legs spread, her hand remaining busy on herself.

Baby drove carefully, continuing to glance at Lady's hand. "You don't mind, do you?" Lady said. "Of course not," Baby replied, pressing a little harder on the accelerator. Lady closed her eyes, and slid forward in her seat. She began to rock her pelvis up and back, her moans growing louder. Baby swerved around a slower driver, now well over the speed limit. Lady's hand was a blur, her moans loud and urgent. Desperate. "Uhhh... Ohhhhh," she gasped. Baby watched as Lady grunted, then exploded in a body wrenching orgasm. Lady went completely limp in her seat. Baby put the pedal to the metal.

Baby and Lady stumbled into the bedroom - literally, as Baby's pants were around his ankles, and when he tripped over them he managed to also bring down Lady. They both laughed, then regained their feet, and watched each other as they removed their remaining items of clothing. Each studied the other's naked form. God, she's incredible, Baby thought. And has anybody ever had a more perfect ass!? Lady, too, was totally impressed by what she was seeing. She'd always felt her man had the world's best chest. Looking was fine, but these two needed contact. They brought their naked bodies together, and fell, entwined, onto the bed.

Baby's penis was completely hard again - it had actually never gone down much. As it mingled with Lady's pussy, his right hand fondled one of her breasts, and his left hand massaged her firm butt. She used both hands to hold his rear, and moved herself from side to side against his rigid pole. Baby slid his left hand down her rear, and underneath to find the warm, wet entrance of her vagina. Extending a finger, he felt it literally sucked inside by her powerful muscles. Lady pulled her pelvis back, partly to drive his finger deeper, and also to create room for her hand to get a hold of Baby's hard penis. She was so drenched, as his finger slid effortlessly over her clitoris. Again, Lady's moans began to fill the air. Mixed in with the moan was a plea - a desperate plea: "Lick me. Please." Baby didn't have to be asked twice.

Dragging his tongue down through her cleavage, over her belly, pausing for a moment to tickle her belly button, Baby continued his trek. Lower, lower, then down and finally into her crevice. He tongued the edge of her lips, purposely avoiding her clitoris as he continued south. Lady bucked against his mouth, trying to get her love button in contact with his tongue, but he continued to tease her by licking around it. Baby ran his tongue down the full length of her slit, and then pressed it into her opening. Lady's moans became a gasp, and she closed her thighs tightly against him. Then, ever so gingerly, Baby withdrew his tongue and finally took aim at the target they both desired so much. Lady's excitement grew as it approached, following a trail of ecstasy upward. Her bucking became uncontrollable, and when his tongue actually touched her clitoris, waves of pleasure exploded from it, radiating throughout her body. "Yes, yes, oh Baby," she groaned. "Now. Put it in. Give it to me. Now. Please." Once again, Baby didn't have to asked twice.

Baby slid into her drenched vagina effortlessly, filling her up with just one stroke. He tried to pause a moment, just to enjoy the sensation. But Lady wouldn't allow it. She began to hump against him, and used her powerful muscles to grasp and release. Baby naturally fell into the rhythm, and soon they were performing like a well-oiled machine. Each stroke elicited a moan or a gasp from them both. For Baby, it felt like his erection was the biggest and hardest and strongest it had ever been. Which is how it felt to Lady, as each stoke seemed to go deeper, to split her wider apart. On and on they pounded, their sounds taking on greater urgency and need. Neither was thinking now, just reacting in an animal way. Baby felt his orgasm building. Lady knew she was on the edge. Each wanted it to happen, yet each wanted to delay it happening. And then finally, they could hold out no longer, and they orgasmed together, powerfully, perfectly, simultaneously. Baby shot load after load of semen deep into Lady; Lady clamped tightly onto Baby. Their spasms were in perfect time with each other, uncontrollable, unstoppable, then finally subsiding.

Lying entwined on the bed, neither could move. Or wanted to move. "I love you," Baby said. "I love you," Lady answered back. And then, after a moment, Baby just had to ask: "So, could we have dinner together again tomorrow?" And they both laughed.


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Lying entwined on the bed, neither could move. Or wanted to move. "I love you," Baby said. "I love you," Lady answered back.

This is perfect, isn't it?

Namaste n lots of Tantra hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Frederick.......yes I would say that is perfect when you find that kind of love.....


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