Eat Me....Part be continued  

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10/22/2005 8:28 pm

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Eat Me....Part be continued

"Oh baby, that was incredible," Lady said. "You gotta let me return the favor." her baby moved around to the side of the table, Lady reaching out to grasp his hard cock as soon as it was within range. "Gimme that thing," Lady said, rolling over to quickly engulf the head in her mouth. "Ohhh," her baby moaned, as he felt himself immersed in her warm wetness, her tongue swirling on the sensitive patch below the head. Releasing him from her mouth after a moment, Lady said, "Now it's my turn." She grabbed the jar of chocolate fudge with her free hand, then dipped her baby's cock in it. She withdrew it, and admired the way the head now wore a chocolate hat. She added a couple spurts of whipped cream to the shaft, then began to hungrily devour her "con-cock-tion." Lady swirled her tongue around her baby's shaft to remove the whipped cream, then moved up to engulf his head. "Umm, I love this kind of 'cock'-tail," Lady said. "Even more than Bloody Mary." All her baby could do was moan with pleasure.

"All right, enough taking in calories," Lady said, releasing her baby's cock. "It's time to work some off." her baby moved back around to the end of the table. He reached out and helped pull Lady toward himself, her ass just barely on the edge of the table, her pussy open and pushed forward. her baby touched his cock to Lady's wet, warm, slit, and teased her by running the head up and down it. His cock wet from her saliva, her crevice soaked from her juices, it slid delightfully all the way up to her clit, then down to her opening. Up again, then down. Then, finally, holding it right at her pussy, her baby leaned forward while Lady pushed forward, and instantly he was in her to the hilt. They both let out long gasps of pleasure. "Oh God," Lady moaned, tightening her pussy muscles on his cock. "You are so huge." "And you are so tight," her baby gasped.

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