Eat Me.....Part be continued  

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Eat Me.....Part be continued

her baby opened the carton of ice cream, and applied a small scoop to each of Lady's nipples. "That's cold," Lady said with a giggle. But the giggle turned to a sigh as her baby's tongue found first her left nipple, and then her right, lapping up the ice cream with a circular motion. her baby continued to gently flick his tongue across each nipple, long after the frozen delight had been consumed. Lady felt the tingle run down from her nipples to her clit. Her pussy was dampening rapidly. Lady reached out to grasp her baby's hard cock, and began to pump it slowly, playing her thumb along the underside.

her baby opened the jar of fudge, and scooped some out with his fingers. He smeared a line of it onto Lady's firm belly, from just below her breasts, all the way to just above her pubic triangle. Then he slowly, lovingly, began to lick his way southward. Lady's legs just parted on their own accord. Her hips began to rock subtly. God, she wanted his tongue down there. Her clit began to buzz in anticipation. Lady shifted her hold on her baby's cock, and began to fondle his balls. "Thanks for reminding me," her baby said, "I almost forgot the nuts." her baby added a few of the toasted almond pieces to the chocolate, and continued to lick his way toward Lady's now steaming pussy.

Finally her baby's tongue reached the top fringe of Lady's soft downy bush. her baby had to move around to the end of the table to fully minister to Lady's pussy, so she had to reluctantly let go of his cock. her baby looked into his woman's gorgeous crevice, then got an idea. Holding up the jar of cherries, he asked, "Would you mind?" "Go ahead, anything," she said breathlessly. her baby took a cherry out of the jar, then very gently placed it at the opening of Lady's pussy. Using his thumb, he easily pushed it into her. Oooohhhh, she sighed, as she was penetrated. And the sighs turned to groans as her baby skillfully moved his thumb against her g-spot as he slid it from her canal. her baby repeated the procedure twice more. Then, he sensuously drizzled some of the maraschino juice into Lady's already sopping slit. Lady shivered as the cool, sticky syrup hit her clit. her baby brought his face to her pussy, extended his tongue, and began to gently, carefully, play it along the edges of her lips. Up one side, over the top, then down the other side, purposefully avoiding her clit. Lady was groaning now, and thrusting her hips. At the bottom, her baby pushed his tongue into her pussy, and used it to move the cherries around. "Ohhh God," Lady sighed. "This tastes so good," her baby said breathlessly. "I'd rather drink this than beer." "Just do it, please," Lady moaned. "I wanna come soooo bad." But her baby wanted to tease Lady just a little more. her baby lowered his mouth to Lady's gaping pussy hole, and slowly, gently, her baby began a slight suction. He pulled out first one, then two, then finally the third cherry, Lady letting out a gasp as each one escaped. She was breathing so hard now she couldn't speak.

her baby knew what he had to do. Slowly, languorously, her baby began to slide his tongue up Lady's slit, making the lightest contact he possibly could. And finally, finally, the tip of his tongue reached its target: her clit. Lady let out her loudest groan yet, and jammed herself against her baby's tongue. She began to buck her hips wildly - he just held his tongue firm and let her set the pace. She was out of her mind with passion, low rumbles, not unlike her baby's truck, emanating from her throat. "Oh God, oh God, oh God," she gasped, her breathing more ragged. And then, her whole body tensing, her clit pressed hard against her baby's tongue, Lady exploded with a scream, followed by a long, satisfied, exhalation. her baby didn't move his tongue from its position, as Lady slowly lowered her ass back down onto the table.

to be continued.........

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