Eat Me.........Part 4......Final  

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10/23/2005 6:56 pm

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Eat Me.........Part 4......Final

her baby could have used another moment to get control of himself, but Lady began to thrust against his cock. "Come on," Lady said. "Give it to me. Right now." her baby began to thrust with her. Standing on the floor, his hands clasping Lady's sides, her baby pulled himself almost all the way, then pushed his cock all the way in. Out to the very edge of her pussy lips, then deep back inside. His cock was engulfed in her warm, grasping wetness. Lady felt like each thrust was splitting her open, his cock driving deeply, and comfortingly, into her core. They each let out loud groans with every thrust. Their pace picked up, their moaning grew louder.

Lady reached into the jar of chocolate fudge, and smeared some on her nipples. Still thrusting into her, her baby leaned forward to lick it off hungrily. her baby was really feeling the tension build in his cock. It spread back through his butt, and down his legs. Lady pulled her legs up now, and lay them over her baby's shoulders. That changed the angle for her baby's cock, and added another fantastic sensation for each of them. The picked up the pace even more, her baby's swollen cock slamming into Lady's wet, needy pussy. "Little more, I'm almost there," Lady gasped. And then her grunts grew louder, more urgent. She began to buck uncontrollably, as the tension spreading from her clit, down her legs, and up her abdomen reached its breaking point. her baby knew he could let it go now, and felt the come mass at the end of his cock. With a final thrust to the deepest recesses of Lady's pussy, they both exploded simultaneously, her baby shooting load after load of come deep within Lady, Lady's pussy grasping tightly at his cock as waves of pleasure coursed through her body. her baby collapsed down on Lady, and they held each other tightly, their sweaty bodies pressed together, as they struggled to regain their breaths.

After a few moments, her baby was finally able to pull up and out of Lady. "That was incredible," he said. "You're the best," Lady replied. "Tell you what," her baby said. "You go back to bed. I'll clean this up and meet you in a minute." "Actually," Lady replied, "I'm kinda hungry all of a sudden. You didn't eat my strawberry shortcake, did you?" Smiling, her baby just shook his head "No."

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