Does it really matter....  

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9/29/2005 7:35 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Does it really matter....

whether a woman has shaved herself or not? I mean cum on guys! Can't you think of a better question than this? Does it really matter? You say it dosen't but does it? I, myself, think a garden of love is better after it has been weeded! Get my drift?

The 3 questions I'm asked most in this site is this.....

# 1 Do you have a picture? (which I totally understand and agree with....that one wants a vision of who they are writing to or chatting with. Heck, I want to see too!)

# 2 What size are your breasts? (which I don't mind telling. Hell, maybe someone will buy me a nice sexy bra!)

# 3 Are you shaved or natural? (meaning my beloved garden of rapture......why should I tell? Really, I mean, why should I tell anyone this? If they are that fortunate to get close to it then they will find out for themselves! It's good to have a surprise waiting for them.)

So cum on guys......waz up with question # 3? I'm very curious.


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3/19/2016 9:24 am


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