"laying Out The Dinner Table"...Final Part  

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"laying Out The Dinner Table"...Final Part

And with that, Lady stepped up, Baby, spread her legs apart, lined the head of his wet, slick erection up with her already gaping hole, and lowered herself onto Baby in one easy stroke. The two lovers let out a long, simultaneous moan. No matter how often they did, each time was a great adventure. Baby felt like he was trapped in a prison of smooth pleasure. Lady felt like she had been impaled by a instrument of ecstasy. They just stayed connected like that for a moment, then Lady began to rock back and forth, then side to side on Baby. After a few moments, Baby placed his hands under her ass and began to lift her slightly, then let her down. Up a little higher, then back down. Lady began to twist slightly during each stroke, which felt incredible inside her, and was driving Baby wild as well.

Up and down Lady went on Baby's rod, both of them gasping each time he filled her completely. Baby began to tease a little, lifting Lady almost all the way off him, then letting her down a bit, then back up, then all the way down. It was making them both crazy. Lady's legs were wrapped around the back of the chair now, as she leaned back, almost onto the table. That changed the angle of him inside her, and brought on even greater sensations of pleasure.

Now there was no more teasing. It was a race to orgasm, and they both wanted it. Baby lifted her all the way up, then all let her slide all the way down. Lady twisted and turned and grasped and released Baby's rod with each stroke. And then they both knew it was inevitable. There was no turning back from the pressure that was forming in each of them. Another stroke,… hold on, one more,… just one more, and then finally, that most pleasurable of all feeling, the final release. Of the semen from Baby, of the pressure from Lady's clitoris, and the waves and waves of warm ecstasy that flowed throughout their bodies. Baby pulled Lady forward to him, their bodies pressed tight, their mouths locked in a kiss, no other cares in the world…

They stayed like this for a few moments, neither one wanting to move, neither one able to move. Just enjoying each other, and the deep love they shared. And then, it happened. Ding-dong. The doorbell. The relatives were here. Ooops…. “Ah, we'll, uh, be there in a second,” Lady called out, and she and Baby dissolved in laughter at the situation.


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