"The Camp Fuck ...Part 4  

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10/26/2005 1:02 am

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"The Camp Fuck ...Part 4

Lady loved sucking Baby's cock. She loved the taste of it (okay, maybe not quite as much as chocolate), and the feel of it, and the way it reacted to the various stimuli she gave it. But most of all she loved giving Baby pleasure. That was the biggest turn-on to her, knowing how wonderful she was making him feel. And by the gentle moans emanating from Baby now, she knew she was doing well. Lady continued to lick up and down the underside of the shaft, alternating between strong stokes, and just gentle tickles. Then she sucked the head of his cock for a moment, swirling her tongue and making him moan more urgently. She could feel his cock twitch every so often, and knew the pressure was building.

As his hips began to involuntarily press forward, Baby focused his attention on Lady. Gently holding her head, covered by her fabulous blonde hair, he whispered, "Oh God, you are so good at that..." Which was music to Lady's ears. Lady began to stroke him with her hand now, all the saliva she'd left on the shaft serving as a wonderful lubricant. Her mouth over the head of his cock, she worked her hand up and down, twisting it to add to Baby's sensations. She knew that Baby loved this more than anything. Now his hips began to really buck. She stroked faster, and sucked harder. He began to breath hard, and let out little grunts. Lady held on tight with both her mouth and hand, and as Baby pulled back, she knew he was right there. And then he came, exploding with a forceful grunt, the come flowing out in long, strong spurts. When they subsided, Lady grasped and pulled her hand all the way up to the very tip, squeezing out any remaining cum. Then she looked up at him, his hazel eyes just now regaining their focus. "How was that?" she asked. "Unbelievable," Baby replied. "Now what can I do for you?" Though her clit was buzzing and her pussy was quite wet, Lady shook her head. "Like you said, we'll have plenty of time back at the campsite," she replied.

Back at the campsite, the fire was now roaring, as Lady and Baby sat close to it, and each other, to warm themselves in the chill air. They were finishing devouring the dinner Baby had prepared, a feat for which Lady was both thankful and impressed. "How in the world did you pull off making a dinner like this?" she asked. "We're out in the middle of nowhere, and you cook up steak for us?" "Just because we're out in nature doesn't mean it's got to be primitive," Baby observed, taking sip of his beer. "You need a refill of your beer?" he asked.

to be continued....

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