"The Camp Fuck"...Part 6  

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10/28/2005 1:15 pm

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"The Camp Fuck"...Part 6

Baby loved licking Lady. It drove her so crazy, made her buck and moan and grunt and then finally cum. She is such an incredible lover, he thought, a great giver, and receiver, of pleasure. Add to that her personality, her looks, her figure, her unbelievable ass, and she was everything he could want in his life. So it may have seemed strange that he would torture her now by bypassing her pussy with his tongue and continuing down to her inner thighs, but he was only doing it to increase her ultimate pleasure. After a moment, he began to bring his tongue back up. He used his finger to spread her pussy lips, finding the whole area already quite wet.

Lady had been drenched since she'd blown Baby during their hike, and was now dying to feel his tongue on her pussy. At first it was a light little flick down at her opening, then a little firmer, then he finally pushed his tongue into her, as deeply as he could. It was unbelievable, sending a wave of pleasure through Lady's groin, as she let out a moan. Ever so slowly he removed his tongue, taking special care to swirl it against the very sensitive area just inside Lady's pussy. Then he dragged it up her slit, toward her clit. And when he ever so lightly touched his tongue to her love button, little jolts of electricity flowed through her. He began to swirl his tongue around her clit, and she began to gasp. The pleasure was almost unbearable. "Oh God," she moaned. "I need you in me, now. Please. I've gotta have your cock in me."

to be continued....

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