"Let Me Rub You the Right Way"..Final Part  

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12/11/2005 12:00 pm

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"Let Me Rub You the Right Way"..Final Part

Lady brought her face to within inches of Baby's cock. His masculine scent blended wonderfully with the warm aroma of the candles. Then, using her fingertips, Lady began to lightly tickle up and down the length of him. From the swollen head, down to his scrotum, her fingers played against his most sensitive skin. Baby let out a sigh and closed his eyes. He began to rock his pelvis ever so slightly.

Lady moved her face even closer to Baby's dick, and added her warm breath to the mix of stimuli he was receiving. Baby became more urgent - he needed friction, not tickling. Lady understood that well, and tightened her grasp on his cock. She began to stroke it firmly now, giving Baby the feelings he desired. Then, opening her mouth, Lady gently took one of his balls into it. Ever so softly she gave it a tongue bath, then did the same for its partner. Baby was becoming even more urgent.

Releasing his ball from her mouth, Lady began to drag her tongue up the shaft of Baby's cock. Agonizingly slowly, sometimes stopping all together, she inched toward the sensitive head of his dick. Finally she arrived there, and, opening her mouth wide, slowly engulfed his purple head. Baby let out a moan of pleasure. His pelvis began to hump more rapidly. Lady sucked on his head, but let her saliva run down the shaft. That provided lubrication for the hand that still grasped him, and she began to stroke him rapidly. "Oh yeah. There we go." Baby moaned. Lady began to twist the hand that rubbed Baby's cock, adding to his pleasure. Her strokes got faster, his humping got stronger. Lady knew he was close, but wanted to prolong his pleasure. She released the head of his dick, and resumed licking the underside. Baby gasped - it felt great, but he really wanted to come. "Please. Please," he gasped. Lady knew what to do. On a long upward stroke, she just continued until she once again engulfed his head. And now she began to suck hard. And to pump and to twist hard with her hand. Baby began to let out little grunts. He felt his balls rise up. And he felt the come mass in his dick. A little more, a little more, and then... Ahhhhh. He shot load after load into Lady's mouth. Lady held on tight, letting it flow down her throat. As his spasms finally began to subside, Lady grasped him even more tightly and pulled her hand all the way up his cock, helping him get out that last little bit of come. And when he had finally run dry, she released his cock from her mouth and hand. With a contented sigh, Baby sank back on the bed.

"So, was everything to your satisfaction?" Lady asked with mock formality. "That was incredible," Baby said. "But what about you?" "You'll take care of me later," Lady said with a slightly lascivious look. "I wanna get us something to eat. What's your pleasure, shrimp or maybe some steak?" "Either is great," Baby said. "Fine," Lady replied. "I'll be back. You just watch some Sports Center. And don't worry, I'll feed the cat." Baby just stared at Lady as she walked out. Was she the most incredible woman in the world, or what?

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12/15/2005 6:34 am

Lady, I'll be honest with you. I really, really wish that someone would do that for me. It has been a "very long time." Only, after taking care of you, I would have fixed the food. Great story, unlisted

LadySucksss 69F

1/8/2006 4:59 pm

glad you like it........


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