"Laying Out The Dinner Table"....Part 2  

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"Laying Out The Dinner Table"....Part 2

Lady continued to gently lick the edges and underside of Baby's hardness. Lightly, all the way to the tip, then lightly back down. She knew he was desperate for her to engulf him fully, but she wanted to tease him a bit more. Baby was doing some teasing of his own. He had opened up Lady’s already wet slit, and was now ever so lightly flicking his tongue along the it. Nibbling on her lips… flicking at her clit, darting in and out of her hole…

Lady was really beginning to get excited from what Baby was doing to her. And her efforts at teasing finally gave out, as she firmly stuffed Baby in her mouth and began to suck like he was made out of chocolate. Baby let out a moan of pleasure, and began to minister more directly to Lady’s clit, pressing his soft tongue right on it. Now it was Lady who let out the moan. She pressed herself even more firmly against Baby's magical tongue, and began to stroke Baby's shaft with her hand, which moved easily and pleasurably up and down his wet erection.

Waves of pleasure were radiating from Lady's clit, as Baby continued to lick and suck and press her love button. Lady kept taking more and more of him in her mouth as she bobbed up and down, her hand continuing to glide up and down as well. Her blonde hair hung down, tickling his belly. Baby's hips began to buck. He placed his thumb into Lady's vagina to add to her pleasure, and a low moan rumbled through her. Her muscles involuntarily gripped onto his digit, while her clit swelled with the sensations that his tongue was giving her. Now she was pushing herself even harder against Baby's tongue, moving side to side.

Baby began to feel the semen mass in his shaft. He knew he was getting close, closing his green eyes. Lady seemed to sense it, which only made her excitement increase. She began to buck her hips front to back now, changing the sensations of Baby's tongue on her clit, and the feel of his thumb in her. And that pushed her over the edge. She knew she was about to orgasm. Which only made her suck harder on Baby. Which pushed him over the edge. With a simultaneous grunt, each of them exploded. Baby shot load after load, Lady never releasing her oral grip on him as waves of pleasure rocketed from her clit and vagina throughout her whole body.

After a while, Lady rejoined Baby up at the top of the bed, and they cuddled for a few more minutes. But finally she said, “I've got to get moving. There's a lot to do today.” Baby watched her pad off to the bathroom, totally naked. Nice view, he thought. Yeah, she looks great when she wears her short yellow sundress, but nothing beats Lady when she's totally nude. Just thinking about Lady, and especially her fabulous eyes, was making Baby's penis stir ever so slightly.

to be continued........

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