"Laying Out The Dinner Table".... Part 3  

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12/18/2005 11:30 pm

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"Laying Out The Dinner Table".... Part 3

Normally on a day off like today, Baby would have wanted to take Lady out to lunch in his truck. Maybe some chocolate cake for her, some vanilla ice-cream for him. But they both wanted to save room for that big turkey dinner Lady was making. Lady got busy in the kitchen, with Baby doing his best to help out… which often meant just staying out of the way. Lady had done a lot of prep work, and some of the relatives were bringing things, so making the turkey wasn't all that difficult.

The day went along nicely, and peacefully. Baby got to spend some time with their pet horse. Lady was actually having a fine time in the kitchen, and was quite happy for Baby when he went out to watch some football. After a while, Lady prepared some snacks, as well as a screwdriver for him, and a bloody mary for herself. She brought them out to Baby, taking a moment to check him out as he sat in his favorite football viewing chair. “He is one hot guy,” she thought. “Whether he's wearing his old sweats like today, or his tight levi blue jeans, he definitely gets me going.”

At halftime of the game, Lady asked if Baby would help her set the table. “Gladly,” he said, “just remind me which side the fork goes on.” Lady knew he was kidding, and they got busy laying out the plates, bowls, napkins, and silverware. Baby put out the silverware, with Lady following and laying out the plates and bowls. As she trailed her man, Lady couldn’t help but feeling rather thankful herself. Baby was such a great guy, and always made her so happy. He really treated her well and was always pampering her, which she loved. What with his great brown hair, his sparkling eyes, his fabulous smile... They had such a good thing going, both in and out of bed.

So when they finished their lap around the table, Lady reached around Baby from behind, and gave him a big hug. “I love you,” she whispered, kissing his neck. “I love you, too,” Baby replied. “Here, sit down,” Lady said, pulling the chair out and pushing Baby into it. When he was seated, Lady pulled Baby's pants and underwear down, and immediately engulfed his soft penis in her mouth. Lady loved the feel as it grew in her mouth, and within moments it was rock hard.

“Oh shit,”was about all Baby was able to mutter. Lady stopped her sucking for a moment to say, "“Now you know what they mean by ‘the head of the table".” Then she pulled down her panties, Baby staring transfixed at her. “You are so incredible,” Baby said to her. “"No, you're the best,”" Lady replied. “And I can't get enough of you. I need it, right now.”

to be continued.......


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