"LOOK, BUT DON'T TOUCH"... final part  

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"LOOK, BUT DON'T TOUCH"... final part

And then, as each was within seconds of coming, without a word, and simultaneously, they both looked away from the other's genitals, and into the other's eyes. Baby locked eyes with Lady as he felt himself tense for his final explosion. And Lady looked into Baby's eyes as she felt herself build to a crescendo. And finally, with a grunt, Baby came, shooting spurt after spurt of come onto the bed. And Lady, with a low moan, exploded in her orgasm as well, her fingers holding in their positions, as waves of pleasure ran through her. Still their eyes remained locked on one another's. And then they both let out long sighs. Followed by warm smiles.

As they were finishing getting dressed, Lady said, "If you're not pressed for time, we could order some room service. They've got shrimp. And even little ham roll ups." "I'd love to stay, but I really need to get home," Baby said. "I, uh, I need to feed my cat." "I understand," Lady replied, appreciating the lie. They smiled at each other again. "Could I kiss you goodbye?" Baby asked. Lady just shook her head "no." "Okay," he said. "Another time." With a last look back, Baby walked out of the hotel room. They had stuck to the ground rules, and had never even touched. So they hadn't done anything wrong. Right...?


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