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11/13/2005 2:26 am

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Baby managed to get Lady's attention, and pointed her toward the screen. Chuckling at the serendipity of the situation, Lady began to do to Baby exactly what was happening in the movie. When the porno actress sucked, Lady sucked. When the actress licked, Lady licked. When actress ran her tongue down the length of his cock and began to lick his balls, Lady did the same. On the screen, the actress began to play with her pussy as she blew the guy. "Yeah, yeah, do that too," Baby gasped, as nothing turned him on more than watching Lady do herself. Lady adjusted her position so her pussy faced back at Baby, then slid her free hand down and began to twiddle herself. Baby couldn't believe the way his senses were being overloaded. The incredible pleasure Lady was giving his cock, the images on the TV, and now his gorgeous babe wide open just inches from him, her fingers spreading her pussy lips and prodding her clit. The pressure was really building for Baby, and he was fighting to hold back.

Lady kept sneaking peeks at the TV as well, and found herself heating up all over again. Sparks were once more emanating from her clit, as the sight of a cock being sucked, as well as the big beautiful one she had in her mouth, were really turning her on. "God I hope this guy cums soon," Baby gasped, his hips now rocking slightly. "Me too," Lady managed to mumble. And just then the actor did, which was like a dam bursting open for both Baby and Lady. The come in Baby's rod released, shooting powerfully from his cock in rhythmic bursts, sending pleasure waves up his torso and down his legs. Lady too was almost knocked over by the orgasm that engulfed her, grunting as her body tensed, then letting out a huge sigh as it relaxed. It had come on her so quickly - she had never climaxed twice in short period of time.

to be continued....

rm_anacortes 74M
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11/15/2005 1:54 pm

Sounds to me like Lady n Baby reached "sederunt" extatic super orgasm that moves the world n cosmos..

LadySucksss 69F

11/16/2005 4:20 am

Yeah, they are like the "energizer bunny," they just keep on going and going and going.........

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