"Always Shower After a Workout" ..part 5  

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11/3/2005 1:40 am

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"Always Shower After a Workout" ..part 5

Baby ducked his head (the big one) into the flow of water to rinse it off. Then, without removing his hand from Lady's pussy, he turned to face her. Lady reached for Baby's cock, and began to pump it once again. They stood together, giving each other pleasure, their enjoyment heightened by the warm water rushing over their naked bodies. Lady ran her free hand all over Baby's body. He has the most magnificent eyes I've ever seen, Lady thought.

Still holding Baby's cock with one hand, Lady picked up the soap with her other hand and began to rub it over Baby's body. Over his strong chest, both his arms, his loins, around the back for a quick trip through the crack of his ass. They both giggled. Then Lady gently soaped Baby's balls, finally running the bar up and down the length of Baby's cock. "Nothing like a good 'soap-job'," Baby quipped. Even more fun was when Lady pulled his cock under the water and spent quite some time making sure it was completely rinsed off. Baby closed his hazel eyes and sighed at the pleasure.

Now it was Baby's turn to soap up Lady. Baby had to curtail his fondling because he used the two-handed soaping technique. Rub up the soap in both hands, put it down, then apply lather-filled hands directly to the body. Which Baby particularly enjoyed employing on Lady's firm ass. And then on her breasts. He fondled each of her lovely peaks, paying particular attention to rolling her nipples between his soapy fingers. Baby re-soaped his hands, then began to rub his way down Lady' belly. Over her stomach, past her waist, and then finally into her wet tangle of pubic hair. Lady closed her eyes and sighed. She tightened the grip she still held on Baby's cock.

Once more Baby moved his finger up and down Lady's slit. He used a feather light touch to tickle her clit, then slid his finger down into her pussy. Lady let out a long "Oooh..." and clamped her muscles down on Baby's finger. She felt her breathing rate increase, inhaling deeply of the thick, steamy air.

to be continued.......

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