"Always Shower After a Workout" ..Part 6  

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11/4/2005 9:58 am

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"Always Shower After a Workout" ..Part 6

Baby gently guided Lady to the tile bench in the back of the steam shower, and helped sit her down on it. She spread her legs wide apart, inviting Baby to partake of her treasures. Baby knelt before her on the warm tile floor, and, with the hot water pounding on his back, began to lick her pussy. He ran his tongue around the edges of her lips, which were warm and wet from the shower. Then he drove his tongue as far into her pussy as he could, holding it stiff. Lady let out another sigh - his tongue felt incredible in her sensitive pussy opening. Baby removed his tongue, and replaced and it with his thumb. Lady took it in easily -- she was very wet, and very hot, and she clamped her pussy muscles tightly on his digit. Baby began to gently lick his way toward Lady's clit. Lady began to rock her hips, and moan softly. A feeling of warmth spread throughout her body. Finally, after an agonizingly slow trek, Lady felt Baby's tongue make contact with her aching love button. A wave of pleasure rippled through her. Her moans got more urgent. Her pussy muscles continued their involuntary contractions on Baby's thumb, which she could feel deep inside her. She grasped Baby by the back of his head, and pulled him tightly against her pussy. His tongue flattened on her clit, and she began to rock herself up and down against it. "Oh god, oh god..." she moaned. Baby began to work his thumb in and out of Lady, lingering on the edge for a moment, teasing her, before pressing it once more inside. The tension in Lady was radiating from her pussy all the way up through her torso. The combination of a tongue on her clit and the thumb in her pussy was pushing her ever closer to the edge. Her thighs tensed. Her clitoris tingled. Then Baby began to turn his thumb, pressing Lady's G-spot. That did it. Lady's moans turned to gasps, and with a "Ahh... ahhh... ahhhhh..." she finally exploded, her body wracked by spasms of pleasure, her pussy held tight against his mouth.

to be continued.....

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