"Always Shower After a Workout" ...Final Part  

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11/6/2005 9:06 am

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"Always Shower After a Workout" ...Final Part

Baby, who'd been thinking of this ever since Lady brought up the subject of showering together, wanted desperately to come, but not until Lady was ready again. He leaned her back a bit, changing his angle of penetration, and allowing him to suck her nipples. Lady's breathing began to get ragged. Each stroke brought a louder groan from each of them. Baby held Lady at the top of a stroke, his cock just barely inside her pussy. He teased her for what seemed like hours by starting to let her down, then pulling her back up. A little down, then back up. Lady was desperate to be impaled, her pussy contracting greedily on the bit of Baby inside her. And then Baby finally let Lady slide all the way down. That pushed them both over the edge. Each knew their orgasm was coming on like a train wreck. Baby pulled Lady up and down for another full stroke, then one more, each of them grunting loudly. And then finally, with Baby's cock in Lady as deeply as it could go, they both exploded, Baby shooting into her like a cannon, Lady clamping down on Baby like a vise. Their strong spasms went on, and on, then, finally, began to subside.

They were finished, but neither wanted to move. They hugged each other even tighter, both externally and internally, and tried to catch their breaths. "I'd say tonight has been the best workout I've had in some time," Lady said. "Yeah, but who said it's over?" Baby replied with a raised eyebrow. Lady let out a long sigh. "Thank God I'm in shape," was all Lady could say before Baby kissed her hard.

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