"Always Shower After a Work Out" ...Part 2  

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10/31/2005 7:30 am

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"Always Shower After a Work Out" ...Part 2

The routine changed again, to one in which the cyclists stayed seated. Lady glanced into the mirror at the front of the room. There was quite a jumble of bodies to look through, but finally she spotted him. God, is he gorgeous. His face flushed, sweaty, breathing hard, his brown hair tousled. Yeah, I'd like to see him like that, Lady thought, except on top of me, not some stationary bike.

Lady pushed hard for the duration of the workout - gotta burn off all that steak and lobster I've been eating, she thought to herself. And then, finally, the hard driving music segued into softer stuff, signaling that the workout was over and the cool down was beginning. Deep breaths, stretch out the arms, turn the head... And that's when he, for the first time, looked behind himself and noticed Lady. And broke into a huge smile. "Lady!" Baby said. "I didn't know you were right behind me. Why didn't you say something?" "I wanted to keep an eye on you," Lady said, kiddingly. "Make sure you weren't flirting with any other girls." "Yeah, right," Baby countered. "When I've got a babe like you?" They exchanged another smile, then finished their stretching routine.

As they were gathering up their towels and water bottles, Lady asked, "Are you showering here or at home?" "Well, let's see," Baby replied. "Here I can shower with a bunch of hairy guys, or at home I can shower with you. What to do... what to do...?" "See you at home," Lady said.

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11/1/2005 7:55 pm

Are YOU a pick up girl??

What part of Tucson??

I am getting to know the place a bit..


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