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When she had finally caught her breath again, Lady released Baby's head, and looked at him with dreamy hazel eyes. "That was incredible," she said. "Good," Baby said, smiling at her. Lady slowly got off the bench, her legs a bit shaky. "Now, you sit down," she instructed Baby. He gladly did as he was told. His hard cock pointed up at the showerhead. Lady straddled Baby, letting the head of his pole nestle into the wet, puffy opening of her pussy. They stared into each other's eyes, each anticipating a moment of immense pleasure. And then Lady just sat down on Baby's lap, his cock sliding into her easily, each of them letting out a long "Ahhh." The sensations for each were incredible -- Baby felt engulfed by smooth warmth, Lady felt impaled by a huge, gentle probe. They pressed their warm, wet bodies together, and Lady wrapped her legs around Baby's back.

The lovers felt so totally connected - really one person rather than two. They sat like that for a moment, just enjoying the sensations, spray from the hot shower hitting them, the air thick and steamy. And then, at just the right moment, Baby began using his hands to gently lift Lady up on his cock, then let her slide down. Up, then down. Up, then down. Sometimes he held her for a moment at the top, his cock barely inside her, before letting her slide all the way down. Other times he only let her slide partially down before pulling her back up. Lady never knew what Baby was going to do, and the uncertainty, and the variety of sensations, was driving her wild.

to be continued...


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