Sweet Like Chocolate  

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5/15/2006 9:25 am

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Sweet Like Chocolate

Like a lot of women, I love sex and can’t get enough of it. There is nothing better than to have my tits and pussy sucked and to be filled with a hot, pumping cock, in my mouth, cunt or ass. I love it all. But good sex is always hard to find and lately there had been a drought of men that tried and failed to satisfy me in the bedroom.

Then I met Ken, my first black guy. I had always fantasized about having a black cock deep in my throat or fucking my ass and pussy till I could take no more. So when this guy told me he wanted a good time, a tight mouth, wet pussy and willing asshole to drop a load of cum in, I was definitely willing and able.

Ken was a god amongst men. He stood 6ft6 tall with a body that an American Football player would envy and had the face of a movie star; I kid you not this man was a walking orgasm.
I remember the nervous feeling and butterflies of excitement I had walking up to his door and waiting for him to answer. When the door opened and I saw him standing there my pussy got wet instantly. Ken smiled and invited me in and as he closed the door immediately pulled me into an embrace and kissed me. His tongue gently licked and parted my lips then probed my mouth sending waves of pleasure though my body. He took me by the hand and let me to the bedroom and sat me down on the bed were we continued to kiss and I offered no resistance when he cupped my large breasts and began twisting the nipples, I felt that gnawing feeling start between my legs and was unable to control the temptation to see just how big this guy really was. So reaching down I began to stroke the growing shaft through his jeans. The minute I touched it seemed to spring to life. Ken leaned over and whispered in my ear, "You can take it out and get a proper look if you want!"

Needing no further encouragement I undid his pants and pulled out the hard shaft. His cock was enormous and resembled a large, very thick aubergine the colour of dark chocolate, balls were large like baby mandarins, full and succulent. The sight of that fat chocolate shaft made me even more aroused. So licking my lips instinctively I knelt down in front of him and opened my mouth, leaning forward I slowly took the great purple head into my mouth. It was so smooth and soft, almost like velvet but so big and throbbing. This amazing black cock was definitely on the large side for me, but I was determined to give him maximum pleasure, a blowjob he would never forget. Wrapping my lips around the head I begun to lick it down the length of his shaft then move the head in and out of my mouth. Ken groaned as I took his cock deeper into my throat stretching my mouth to its maximum and gently cupping his balls and squeezing them. I didn’t stop until his whole fat prick filled my mouth. I swallowed the few drops of pre-cum that were now oozing out, god the taste of it was so sweet, though I was eager to feel it fill my pussy, I felt this urge to suck all the cum out of this magnificent organ. I wanted to taste him as he sprayed my mouth and face. So increasing the speed I let my hand slide up and down the shaft in time with my mouth. Ken gripped my head and started to fuck my face harder, letting his balls smack against my chin with every thrust. The harder he pumped, the tighter I sucked him and the more I ran my tongue over his cock head. The first blast of cum hit the back of my throat it was delicious. I pulled my face off his cock and opened my mouth wide so we could see his cream go into my mouth I continued to milk him as he sprayed across my cheek and then straight back into my mouth till he was drained. My face spattered with cum I wanted to savour the taste of this delight before swallowing it, some of the creamy black seed dripped from my lips as I played with it with my tongue and large glob of cum dripped down on lovely DD breasts, I watched Ken’s eyes as I swallowed the thick, creamy, milky load, then lift my tits to my mouth and hungrily lick the escaped drops, then sliding his cock back into my mouth I licked him clean.

Leaning back so pleased with my efforts I continued to caress Ken's cock, gazing at it with awe and wonder, never had I seen such an arousing sight and tasted such delicious cum. Ken leaned forward and slowly unbuttoned my top before sliding his hands in and releasing my large tits. He began to squeeze them while at the same time rolling my nipples between his thick fingers. He then brought his lips to them and began sucking and nibbling them, I felt I was gonna cum then and there. Sensing my increasing desire Ken slid one of his hands between my legs to tease my pussy. I was so wet and aroused I grabbed his head and pulled his face tighter to my hardened nipples and began moaning softly while my pussy grinded against his probing fingers.

Pulling me up Ken stripped me of the rest of my clothes; his big cock was once again completely engorged and ready to go. I couldn’t believe my luck. Only a few minutes earlier I had emptied a huge load into my willing mouth yet here he was ready for more, god what a man. Ken lay back on the bed and grinned at my surprise and said "Okay baby, climb on, and feel this chocolate lolly melt in your wet pussy!!!" With shaky legs, I straddled him and let him guide his meat into my waiting cunt. As soon as the head was in, I began rocking slowly back and forth, driving the thick cock deeper into my soaking pussy. For the first time in ages I felt totally filled up. I began moving faster, packing the big pecker deeper into the straining slit, and even though I had only started I was wracked with a cunt wrenching orgasm my pussy convulsing around this big hard cock deep in my vagina.

Ken pulled me down so my large erect nipples rested on his lips and began sucking greedily. I was in heaven! Without saying a word his hips began moving up and down, driving his penis in and out of my helpless pussy. "Oh my god," I groaned "fuck me harder," Ken's cock was now ripping in and out of me with and with wild viciousness, he flung me over onto my back and continuing his merciless assault on lovely white pussy! Wrapped my legs around his back, I tried desperately to hold on as the first waves of a new orgasm washed over me. I began to squirt my cum all over his cock and balls as my pussy continued to be battered by this black over sized monster, inducing the most incredible orgasms I had in a long time.

All too quickly he pulled out turned me round, then bent me over doggie style and exposed my soaking snatch to his view. My pussy lips dripped with the remains of my orgasms. Reaching under me he played with my nipples for a few seconds, causing me to moan and wiggle my ass in eager anticipation of this hard fuck I knew was about to come. “Come on, baby,” I moaned. “Don’t tease me; get that nice fat cock inside my pussy.” Ken obligingly grasped my asscheeks on the sides and directed his cock at my shining slit. Pushed the swollen head in he gripped me tighter and slammed his cock up in one big thrust.

I couldn’t contain my scream of pleasure as my hole was suddenly filled and stretched by this black steel-hard dick. Automatically I arched my back allowing my tits to hang free as the rear assault on my pussy commenced! Even as the first view strokes were completed my pussy convulsed hard as a climax of brutal proportions erupted deep inside! "My god! I'm fucking cumming all over the place!!!" This was what a good fuck was supposed to feel like! As Ken pumped me harder I could barely keep my knees from buckling with the intensity of orgasms I was having. My large breasts swayed back and forth as his fuck rhythm intensified and I kept begging him to fuck me faster and ram his cock all the way in.

“Ooooohhh God!” I wailed as another massive orgasm ripped through me. My pussy lips spasmed and another gush of pussy juice sprayed out, soaking his cock and balls further. This increased wetness seemed to drive him on more, he started to spread my asscheeks with his thumbs as he fucked me, exposing my puckered hole. I could feel him stretching it open, and was torn between the thought that I didn’t like anal and the thought of having a huge black cock fill my ass. I took a split decision and moaned “Oh yes just do it, fuck my ass!” Ken slowly withdrew himself from my pussy and stuck a finger into my soaking cunt and worked it around, getting it nicely coated with hot pussy juices. When his finger was nice and wet he pressed the tip of it against my tight asshole and began to rub it back and forth, smearing the wetness around it making it all ready for his massive cock. Slowly he teased the end of his big fat prick in my asshole, the initial pain was excruciating but I didn’t want him to stop I wanted to have all my holes filled by this lovely black lollypop. Gently and with the greatest of care he slowly eased himself in till I had taken the full thick penis in my ass.

Reaching underneath me Ken slide his long thick fingers back into my pussy and started to finger fuck my cunt and rubbing my clit. I was so horny by now I could hardly contain myself. I never realized that my asshole and pussy were so wired together. “Aaaah yes!” I screamed. “Put your fingers in my pussy and fingerfuck me good as you fuck my ass!” Ken didn’t need to take direction from me. He was already shoving his fingers deep inside my soaking slot as he continued to bust my booty. He began moving his fingers in time with his cock and almost instantly I was cumming like crazy again, my asshole and twat spasming together around his cock and fingers. Like a true black loving cock hound I begged him to fuck me harder, thrusting my hips forward in an attempt at forcing the big dick even farther into my helpless hole! He happily rammed it in and out with almost brutal ferocity, manipulating my clit until my pussy and ass convulsed over and over again around the long thick invader!

"Oh, yes!!" I shrieked. "I'm cumming so fucking hard for you!!" My body was being racked by wave after wave of what seemed like unending pleasure! “Oh fuck, I’m gonna shoot soon” Ken moaned “Your tight ass is gonna make me blow” The second he utter this it was as if he flipped a switch in me, sending me over the edge my pussy and ass spasming and contracting over and over again. Ken groaned and pulled out his cock and sprayed his lovely load all over my asshole and bum, the cum felt so horny hitting my skin and sliding down my hole and dripping over my pussy. I was truly in heaven

I collapsed in a heap on the bed totally and utterly spent. My body still tingled with the orgasms that had made me spray like Niagara Falls. There was cum everywhere. Ken laid down beside me and kissed me deeply “Damn your hot girl, so how did you like your first chocolate lollypop!” I turned and smiled a deep contented smile and said “Yeah I did.” I purred “You are like chocolate, highly addictive and after eating leave me feeling full and satisfied, but with none of the guilt”.

Ken and I still see each other and continue to have mind blowing fun. I am trying to arrange a nice MMF so I can get a double penetration experience with a nice black and white cock but that will be another story xx

LadyScarlettxx 42F

5/16/2006 5:10 am

mmm thank you sexy are you interested in being an active participant honey? Dont know whether I could handle two enormous cocks at once though, put you never know.

rm_pauandgar 45M/39F

5/18/2006 2:23 pm

nice story lady, dont know if i could handle you but i would give it a try!

olderisheaven2 37M

5/19/2006 4:05 am

love to love you. 6 foot 3 athletic build,young,lght brown eyes,love older women.

LadyScarlettxx 42F

5/19/2006 8:53 am

gee thanks olderisheaven2 your just a tad far away though but thanks for interest x

russhty 40M

5/20/2006 6:17 am

hey lady scarlet that story was amazing my god that black guy is one lucky s.o.b

LadyScarlettxx 42F

5/23/2006 5:42 pm

He would probably agree with you Russhty, he certainly came back for more, but then sex only ever gets better xxx

russhty 40M

5/24/2006 8:11 am

hey ladyscarlet any chance of finding out how good it really is i love your look and those big breasts oh my god id love to get in between them.

Lookingfor41plus 35M
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5/31/2006 5:32 am

Lady Scarlett,

That blog of yours is truly amazing,

You seem like a very sexual and sensual woman and the stories on the blog seem to justify that.

And dont get me started on the pic of you which all i can say is trouser harding lol.

I would like to chat with you one day so uf you would like to contact me please feel free.

Looking for 41 plus aka. Stevie.

LadyScarlettxx 42F

5/31/2006 11:48 am

thanks stevie you might like my other one young well hung and eager to please given your age. Have to point out though I am no were near 41 !!!!!!!

Lookingfor41plus 35M
3 posts
6/5/2006 6:54 am

Lady Scarlett hope i didnt offend you with my handle name looking41plus, which a lot of people dont realise is just a name.

Your writing skills on your personal experiences are very well constructed and the story lines are of a content i would expect from such a sexy lady.

If my age is of any problem to you chatting then fair enough i can always read your blog and think what if, although i would like to chat with you and maybe become the subject of a story one day.

Well i will leave it to you and hopefuly you can get back to me.


brjoe 40M

6/18/2006 1:42 am

hi scarlet,would love to meet you,you sound and look amazing.i live in carrick.if you want a photo i can send one to you no problem.

rm_cock_4_u_all 58M
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6/20/2006 10:04 am

Another amazeing story...what I would give to swap places with Ken...But I'm Not 6ft..A football player...or close to your age...so all that probably rules me out....worst luck.

rm_adano1964 53M
71 posts
3/24/2008 10:45 am

lady scarlett u are sex legend in your own lifetime>>!

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