On the Quest  

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9/22/2005 4:01 pm

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On the Quest

When we first decided to look for a slave we thought, a bit innocently, that the world would beat a path to our door. And many, many did. Right up until we told them "we choose you". Then, after months of negotiation and planning and picking - *POOF* - they vanish. I wonder, did they really not think it was all real? Or was it just some ego trip? To compete to see if they "win", then walk away to do it all over. Strange way to spend time, if you ask me.

But the quest has taught us something. Who to look for. The questions to ask. Warning signs. But most importantly, how to spot the genuine article. The one in a million that truly longs for what we have to offer.

This is why we narrowed the search to women only. We're both bi, but the male submissive has consistantly given us many promises with no follow through. The female, on the other hand - if she can be found - we've always been able to talk to. Reason with. Honestly negotiate about everything we need, she needs, see if somehow they meet.

Slaves are beautiful. Their gender doesn't matter. If they are serving dinner, cleaning house, or under the lash they are gorgeous. This is what we search for. And I've no doubt that this is what we'll find.

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