What The?  

LadyFantasy68 49F
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11/3/2005 9:49 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What The?

I actually wrote this and left it for a few days to think about it but think this needs to be said.

Ok I have received some weird emails from people on AdultFriendFinder but this would have to be one of the most strange for today.

The following is this guy’s lead in line AND his profile. To me it is incoherent and makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

every body need to fun

i respect to every one.frist is importent for every one must be happy and if some body need to help if i can ,i like help them.

Ideal Person:
i like fun time but with honest person if i find some body i don,t like frist talk with her about sex .life is not just sex.life need too many thing.

Now based on this profile alone I would not bother contacting someone who has so poor a grasp of the English language nor someone who puts so little effort into their profile even in the form of spell checking or writing more than an incoherent few sentences. I mean the line “if i find some body i don,t like frist talk with her about sex” is not even spelt correctly nor does it make any sense. I mean what is with a guy who first talks about sex with someone he DOESN’T like. What does he do to someone he DOES like?

So there I am checking my emails, not having SEEN this guy’s profile before, nor having WINKED at him or HOTLISTED him or WRITTEN an email to him or asked him to JOIN my network of friends, when I get the following email from him……..

> Sender: sammy5480
> To: LadyFantasy68
> Date: Nov 1, 2005 10:44 PM AEST
 i don,t want u.because u r selfish.i,m so sorry about that.

Now as I have said, I have had no prior contact with him nor have I asked for contact. When I check who has winked at me, lo and behold there is his name right at the TOP of the list. Now this person is a GOLD member so had full access to my profile and was so NOT what I wanted (and stated in my profile clearly), so maybe that is what upset him. But grow up and move on.

Ok so I am not seeking someone like him. Is it really necessary to WINK at me (which indicates interest) and then be so rude? Does this person even understand the whole concept of winking or are they just a total MORON?

You sammy5480 have never met me, have never chatted to me online and nor do you know anything about me so where do you get off sending me such an email. You know nothing about me so how can you even make statements that are total rubbish when you have no knowledge to base it on. I however, based on your email and profile alone can with every justification say that you are illiterate and rude and yes I hope you read this blog!

Referring to Do Nice Guys Finish Last ?- HECK NO - But...., this guy definitely falls under the "NOT A Nice Guy" category right from the start.


Was just sent this email by same person AFTER putting in complaint to abuse department.

> Sender: sammy5480
> To: LadyFantasy68
> Date: Nov 4, 2005 3:39 PM AEST
> hi.yet u don,t like try me?

Why is it guys think they can be rude to you on here and then think you will want them in any way? Not going to happen.

poopholeluber2 38M
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11/15/2005 5:34 pm

I hope you get this guy away from you he definately sounds like some sort of a stalker. I hope AdultFriendFinder.com does something to fix your situation. I don't know how I found your blog I just did. I tend to do that from time to time. Have a nice day, hope you get stalker protection!

LadyFantasy68 49F
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11/24/2005 12:20 am

I agree pooholeluber2, he sounds very strange indeed. I have blocked him from further emails anyway but at am a loss as to explain his mentality at all. I cannot imagine he is getting any great response on here at all because if he talks to women like that and with a profile like that he is unlikely to find ANY woman on here who is willing to meet him or want further contact with him.

Thanks for the reply.

mattstu 51M
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2/17/2006 2:40 am

Hey Lady - it's the weird stuff on here like that really worries me somedays. That's why I like your profile and photo - shows off intelligence, not just body parts

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