Sexy or Not - My answer to so_much_trouble's blog  

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8/16/2005 5:40 am

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Sexy or Not - My answer to so_much_trouble's blog

so_much_trouble wrote a great blog a few days ago stating what she thought was sexy or not sexy. This is my answering post to her with a few changes.

Sexy: Men who have a great smile.
Not sexy: Men who have no teeth or ones that are rotting.

Sexy: Men with good oral hygiene.
Not sexy: Smoking or chewing gum.

Sexy: Men going bald who shave it all off or cut it short.
Not sexy: The comb over.

Sexy: Men in board shorts at the beach (or Speedos with a good body).
Not sexy: Men who wear way too small Speedos that are all but hidden by the belly hanging over them.

Sexy: Men who are confident
Not sexy: Men who come across as desperate (especially for sex) or crude.

Sexy: Well dressed man.
Not sexy: Plumber's crack.

Sexy: Men who wear their clothes well whatever the style or occasion.
Not sexy: Men who spend more time, money and effort on their wardrobe than women do or ones that wear heels, nail polish or makeup.

Sexy: Men who kiss well.
Not sexy: Men who think kissing involves biting (and not talking soft gentle nibbles here but biting hard enough to cause blood or bruising) or mashing his face or tongue against yours.

Sexy: Men with longer hair.
Not sexy: Men with longer hair AND a bald spot.

SirMounts 102M

8/20/2005 5:10 am

OMG... And here all this time I had the categories backwards! Thank You!!!!

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