Phone calls in the middle of the night.  

LadyFantasy68 49F
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8/16/2005 4:09 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Phone calls in the middle of the night.

Recently I was woken up at about 4am by a call to my mobile phone. I was sound asleep at the time and this person was very persistent, ringing 3 times before I was awake enough to get out of bed and find my phone in my handbag.

Now as the night in question was very cold I was not all that happy to be woken or to have to get out of bed to answer the phone, especially when I discovered that it was not even someone I knew.

The first thing that goes through your mind at that hour is that the news is not going to be good unless a family member or close friend is due to have a baby any minute (which is not the case here). But no, it was some stranger who being either very drunk or very stupid (or both) could not seem to comprehend that I did not even know anyone of their name, nor was I happy to be woken at that hour.

After a minute or so of trying to get them to understand that I did not know them nor was I pretending not to know them, I finally told this person not to call my number again especially not at that hour and hung up. By this time I was pretty much both cold and awake and as I lay there trying to get back to sleep this yahoo rang AGAIN.

By now I was wide awake and it took me a while to get back to sleep. While I lay there warming up again in bed my mind started thinking about all the way that I could have been woken up and how much differently I would have responded to some of them.

So what do people out there think the proper phone etiquette should be about calling people at that hour? Like me, do you think that it should be only for emergency calls or is it ok to ring people and wake them up and chance that it will be a wrong number?

Also, if you have to be awake at that hour, how would you prefer to be woken and what doing? I know my answer to that and it certainly is not talking to some idiot stranger on the phone while freezing.

SirMounts 102M

8/20/2005 5:19 am

Your note that He appeared to be drunk, really says it all. I just turn mine off at night, if I remember to. For Me at least, the off-chance that there might be an emergency to respond to is far outweighed by My desire to be well-rested when I later find out about it! lol

LadyFantasy68 49F
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8/20/2005 2:21 pm

Hmmm very true SirMounts. I usually DO turn mine off but had actually gone to bed early as was tired and forgotten to do so.

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