A-Z of places for sex - my reply to methodman's blog  

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8/16/2005 4:59 am

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A-Z of places for sex - my reply to methodman's blog

This is my reply to methodman's blog on his question of places you can have sex A-Z. Feel free to add your own answers.

This is not necessarily the places I have had sex but where you CAN (or could) with a little creativity and the right person. They are all places that I have at least heard of sex happening in. Not telling which places I have or have not though.

A. Airport hotel, airplane, armchair
B. Bus, beach, bathroom, bonnet or boot of car, bed, bedroom, bath tub, back yard
C. Car, cinema, couch, change room, chair
D. Doorway, dentist, door, desk, drive-in
E. Elevator
F. Floor, freezer (on top of)
G. Garage, garden, gym
H. Hotel, hayloft, hot air balloon
I. Inn, igloo
J. Janitor’s closet
K. Kitchen
L. Lounge room, library
M. Motel, maid’s closet
N. Nursery, nudist camp
O. Ocean
P. Pool, public toilet, park, pantry
Q. Queensland (hey Q is a difficult letter)
R. Restroom, restaurant
S. Sofa, swimming pool, spa, shower, ship, shed
T. Table, toilet, train, trampoline
U. Underwater, upside down
V. Victoria, Venice, van
W. Water, wedding reception, washing machine (on top of), washing pile, wall
X. XXX theatre, XXX adult shop
Y. Yellowstone National Park, your imagination
Z. Zoo.

SirMounts 102M

8/20/2005 5:06 am

A. "Anywhere"; Z. "My home planet of Zercon". *wink*

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8/25/2005 2:36 am

I thought I'd give it a try for myself...
NOTE: none of these are recommended

A: Alpine skiing
B: The Big Banana
C: Cactus Farm
D: Dentists Chair
E: (god stumped already *L* ummm) eddie van halens house
F: finland
G: gregorian chant recital (i'm SURE those guys have groupies)
H: hot air balloon
I: Inside a cardboard box
J: John Farnham concert
K: k2
L: lions den
M: Myer cosmetics department
N: NGV (national gallery of victoria)
O: Out the front of parliament house
P: Peruvian Petrol Station
Q: (eww q's a tuffy) quakers barn
R: redgum tree, up a
S: schapelle corby's balinese prison cell
T: teflon...anywhere completely coated in teflon
U: under supervision by ...hmmm someone...kofi annan perhaps
V: venice...in a gondola
W: willy wonkas chocolate factory
X: xylophone concert
Y: yemen...i just like that word
Z: zen garden

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