The Last Concubine (or at least she thinks so!) Fantasy stories continued......  

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The Last Concubine (or at least she thinks so!) Fantasy stories continued......

The year was 1742 and I was part of a brothel in Stantoniia, a village in the region of Timurson. There were fourteen of us girls stationed there and I was taken from my small village only 4 months ago and because I had never married yet, I was still a virgin. When the Kreon soldiers had come for me, my family was not there and luckily had been spared and as I got to know the rebel soldiers more and more I found their intentions were that of goodness for our country and I wasn't so frightened by them any longer. It was upon their return of warring with the King and his army, that they would be very 'anxious' for women company. Some of us were lucky enough to be chosen exclusively by the top ranked soldiers as their ‘only one’ and that night, I was visited by my ‘only one’, Taku, the fieriest and bravest of all the warrior rebel leaders. He was a gigantic man, 6’4, 250 lbs of pure muscle, very dark in complexion, extra large shoulders and hands and of course his cock was extra- large too! ‒ 11” long and 3 inches in circumference!!! His eyes were a gentle, soft brown and comforting to me,
for he had never shown me disrespect or anger, only love and hot, unadulterated passion. I was woken up in my fur blankets completely naked except for the chains on my ankles that were loose and meant to make noise rather than restrain me. I had been his concubine for many months at this point - which of course didn’t deter his lust and passion for my soft, sexy 36-26-36 body that glistened by the candlelight
in the corner of the room. The wooden hut smelled of fresh pine, lavender and sage....and upon his awakening of me, he almost immediately dove into my moist, warm pussy that I had kept shaved for him (go with me here) and I moaned SO loudly because his big, fat, HOT tongue felt like something out of this world!!!!! His three fingers were then gently entered into my already
wet slit whilst his other two digits took care of my beautifully shaped ass hole. I began to arch my back and pinch my nipples in anticipation of one of the world’s best fucks ever. Oh! and being a concubine can be SO
boring…..but not with Taku! I knew what I was in store for…… Then after licking my hot pussy I couldn’t wait!!! until
I begged him to fuck me (pleasssse) ‒ and then..... he slowly stopped..... and stood up. Looking up to him while he was heaving breathlessly for my naked body was the biggest turn on ever. I could FEEL and see his lust to pound his massive hard cock into my aching slit!!!! He then ordered me to suck his gorgeous member which I did so with much eagerness….. He loved it when I pretended I was being held against my will so I put my hands behind my back. He then pulled up my long, blond hair so he
could watch me suck and lick his round, succulent balls before I did anything else! He smelled like he had just bathed his beautiful muscular body and I just loved rolling my tongue around his round balls and sucking
on them while gently pulling on his delicate sack. At the same time I began to stroke his cock with my other hand bringing his erection to another height as he moaned in appreciation. I
have gotten good at what Taku likes……..AND what I like (!) I then stroked him slowly at first and became quicker, getting him very excited……..and then I slowed down and began to deep throat him……all but 2 inches!….. while he began to rock his hips forward and back fucking me in my mouth. My pussy was dripping by this time and I was so fucking horny…… he loved to tease me! The bastard!!!!! He was holding my hair up and pulling it slightly as I bobbed back and forth with my hot, juicy mouth enveloping his rock hard member. I could feel his jizm build up as his balls began to get harder and
tighter, and finally, he couldn't contain himself
any longer and came deep and hard into my mouth and throat……mmmmmmmm… yes….that is SO good baby, I’m coming so good in your beautiful mouth……AHHHH, yessssssss!!!!!!!! He yelled out loud as he came SO hard and strong.........his voice echoing through the valley....mmmmmmmmmmmm.... NOW the real fun gets started...! Taku can stay hard for a long time…..sometimes all night…… and this night would not be an exception! He then quickly regained his old form back and placed a blind fold on me. I knew what he was up to next! He liked to bring in different
soldiers from his command to watch us having sex. He felt it brought strength to his men by giving them an opportunity to see how to REALLY fuck a woman and reap ALL the benefits.
Of course, by this time, my pussy was completely swollen and juicy with great anticipation!!!! Then I heard them shuffle in and I sensed their excitement. It smelt of sweet sweat and lust. Mmmmm............ so then he tells them
to watch and learn - and immediately began to fuck me doggy style. My chains on my ankles clanked every time he thrust his beautiful,
sweet cock into my honeyhole….mmmmmm…....yes…….! I love it when he strokes me not too hard or too soft but on the same medium rhythym whilst
I felt his beautiful round balls bounce against my swollen clit. I also like it when he fucks me with a long, drawn out, stroking of his shaft in my tight, wet pussy. I start to whimper and
moan with sexual passion, he knows how to fuck me SO well! and then we moved into many different positions(while I was still blindfolded) and I could hear the sounds of all
these men stroking their cocks, the swishing, moaning and clucking…... and I could barely contain myself ! Taku then told them how to get a woman excited and what to do - and
he proceeded to tease me with his hands, mouth and cock……..changing up his positions, and his tempo, making me BEG for him to let me come……..!!!! The Grande Finale was VERY close! He
then picked one of his favorite soldiers to help him out by fucking me in the ass while he fucked me. He knew I loved that. Then he took off my blind fold and I saw about a dozen
athletic, sweating and sexy naked men around me in a large circle jerking their rock hard cocks to stand at attention. Greigan, a handsome, young 22 year old soldier with fine, strong features and a gorgeously fat cock walks up to me with his member in his hand and lustfully licked his lips as he stared into my eyes…….. I was SO ready to come.....!!!!! Greigan entered
me easily and effortlessly as my pussy juices had prepared my ass well for him! It is at this time that Taku ordered his soldiers to cum good and hard at the SAME TIME as I came. I heard them all moan in anticipation and as Taku
and Greigan got into place, with Taku underneath me and Greigan from behind, I felt like my body was being invaded in both holes with the most intense feeling of lust and passion.It didn't take long for my swollen G-spot and clit to coincidetogether and make my body start to shudder and shake as I climbed a great orgasmic mountain of euphoria that finally exploded like a giant, erupting volcano………...........Oh my fuckinggawd, oh my gawd, yes, yes!!! Yes!!! I am coming so hard andgood!!! Fuck yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and as I did, I was enriched by the sound and the spurting of twelve
creaming cocks that came all over my face, hair and body………like a golden shower of lust that could not be believed!
The End.

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1/19/2006 6:49 pm

Hottest Line: "Greigan entered
me easily and effortlessly as my pussy juices had prepared
my ass well for him!"

Fuck, that piece is almost as hot as you are...

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1/19/2006 11:08 pm

Your so fucking HOT!! I'd love to take you and lick you all over especially your pussy. Can I cum see you?

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1/19/2006 11:41 pm

Hi sexy as always you need to that Lovely ASS fucked to make you cum. I just love your sexy ways you dirty girl. When are you in my town letting your hair down with your ass in the air >>! .

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1/20/2006 9:27 am

Hi LaCher-
I loved this story the first time I read it. Thanks for the encore...

*Applauding Kisses*

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