Another one of my FANTASIES...... for those of you who like "seconds" !!!!!...;)  

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1/5/2006 6:28 pm

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Another one of my FANTASIES...... for those of you who like "seconds" !!!!!...;)

My job at the hospital started out like any other day, punching in at 0700 hrs, prepping the day and helping the other nurses feed our patients. It was a cold morning and I wore an angora white cardigan over my usual nurse outfit; an above the knee skirt dress that happened to fit me quite well on my well rounded figure. My nipples were hard because of the frigid air and it made me some what horny......! I ran into a good comrade of mine and sometime lover, Shaina, who works on the observation ward, a gorgeously stunning native indian woman with 36DD breasts that illuminated her surroundings(!) wherever she went. She came up to me and whispered for me to meet her in the bathroom. I told the head nurse of my ward that I wasn't feeling well and I was going to get some fresh air. I met Shaina in the bathroom and I soon as I walked into the stall to see what was going on, she grabbed me by the back of the hair and kissed me HARD. My pussy immediately dripped. I felt my breath begin to quicken and I kissed her back with as much tongue as I could muster. Our legs began to melt into each other, twisting and squeezing each other, gyrating in harmony, loving every second we spent together. Sucking on my already hard nipples, I felt her warm, moist cunny wanting me to lick it all up. Then Shaina breathlessly says "You've got to come with me NOW to a patient's room that needs your help". "What kind of help?' I asked. "He really needs a special massage on his right latisimus, and because you ARE the hospital's 'best' massage therapists, I volunteered YOU." Hmmmm....okay......sounds cool........ I follow her to another wing of the hospital, still feeling the horny effects of the bathroom fucking hot. As we walk to another wing of the hospital, I can feel my pussy juice rub between my soft, upper thighs rubbing sensually. I'm so horny and it's only 0830 hrs! We walk into room 23A and interestingly enough there is only one patient in the room that accomodates four. Shaina introduces me to Paul, a burley, 6'1, 210 lbs, muscular, dark, sexy Italian pilot whom seems rather pleased to see me. I realize only then that my top button has been undone on my outfit and my white lacy bra is showing (!) with my ample cleavage making an appearance! whoops! My hair is done up rather hastily but fairly neat and I don't wear a lot of makeup for work but looking at this hot, handsome hunk of man with his hairy black chest and stomach hairs made my body ache for his sweet cock and wished I looked more presentable. I looked at Shaina and she just smiled.....have fun, she said, I'll be back.........I then asked Paul to turn over so I could massage his back and as he turned over I got to see a sneak peek of his was SO fucking big! At least 7 inches and semi hard (!) Oh my god, oh my god, how can I keep my cool??? I'm working!!!! Focus Lacherie, focus!! So, I cautiously begin to massage him and as I do, he tells me that he's always fantasized about being with a nurse. I reminded him politely that this IS a legitimate hospital and not a porno shop (!) He laughs at me and tells me he would love to fuck my sweet ass. I immediately get turned on. I love a man that dominates me somewhat. His piercing blue eyes look at me with such lust and passion, I cannot help myself and massage closer to his inner thighs. He moans with pleasure. I go to the outside of the door and remove his card, whilst locking the door. When I come back he has turned over and his beautiful cock is sticking straight up underneath the thin blue blanket. It looked like a big tent (!) Can I help you with that? I asked. Hmmmmmm....he said, only if you massage it with your mouth and no touching......mmmmm, I thought, this guy is my type. He sits up on the bed and takes the blanket off exposing his 10 inch glory for all it's worth.....and being 8 inches in diameter was good enough for me (!) First, strip, he ordered. I quickly took off my nurse's outfit exposing my 36-26-36 figure and my white garter belts and stockings. "On your knees." I did. I put my arms around my back and I began sucking his cock with only my mouth. It was difficult at first until I got some good spit going and then I really got into it hearing him loving it every second.......oohhh,,ahhhh,mmmmmmm..yes,,, mama mia you are so fucking good....aarrrrarrrr...I sucked him so hard and so deep I could almost take him fully in by only 2 inches..... As I continued to suck him and then his gorgeous shaved balls.....I felt a presence behind me and Shaina, with her spare key, had snuck in. She silently came behind me and whispered not to panic....she had me covered and I didn't have to rush back to work so soon. She then began to undress as well into her black lingerie bra and crotchless panties (what a girl!) and sheer stockings with garter. She had knock out long, toned legs to die for. We both took down our long blonde and dark hair and shook it out sexually, prepping for some hot threesome sex. Paul then ordered both of us to 69 for him on the opposing bed...we did....and he watched....stroking his cock the whole time....Shaina's pussy was so sweet and hot, I made her come hard. After that, Paul, got up and came over and stuck his cock in my dripping pussy pumping me hard and fast, making me come within seconds........oh! As he fucked me doggy style, Shaina came around and started to lick on his balls causing him to blow his load the first time. He didn't stay soft for more than two minutes and he was ready to play again! This time Shaina was going to get it first between her sweet titties with some massage oil that I brought. It looked so beautiful seeing her huge, gorgeous melons between his dynamic member....sliding in and out so deliciously. I felt my pussy getting hotter again. As he penetrated her from a standing position, I kneeled down in front of her and licked her clit causing her to come so hard she had bite part of the window covering so she wouldn't be heard was SO hot I can't tell you! Paul then ordered us both to suck his cock which we did with delight. Then he stroked his cock until his cream filled our faces and we basked in the glow of the after math. Bliss! The End.

NickRules999 39M
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1/5/2006 8:43 pm

Awesome story. You'll be in my dreams tonight.

Come into my realm! You aren't afraid...are you?

WestMichiganBud 41M
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1/5/2006 9:50 pm

Great story. Awesome imagination. Lacherie, you have a way with words. Very stimulating. You could write screen plays for vivid or erotic novels. You have talent.

hotbiitlngrlforu 39F
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1/6/2006 5:51 am

mmm One of my favorites

yregrtasswanted 41M
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1/7/2006 2:23 am

Sexy lady with a flithy mind. Love your twisted ways Lacherie. When are you we going to act this out? Please contact me when you are in my town so i can give you your much needed >>! Thanks keep that ass in the air and a smile on your face. T

Koolguy2521 48M

1/7/2006 1:43 pm

very talented writing baby.. it would be a better world if all women were uninihibited as yourself.. such beauty on different levels as well as physical..

Sweetcox69 47M

1/7/2006 9:37 pm

You're much too naughty for me little girl

rm_unitedkitty 49F

1/8/2006 5:54 pm

I want to be Shaina, I would give anything to get naked with you, I want to be your muse.

LegionOfSex530 34M

1/9/2006 4:45 pm

Great Story, U should direct movies

installer0966 50M/52F

1/17/2006 6:40 am

very very good story, i think in need of a good nurse

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