A funny thing happened to me today at the Spa....;)  

Lacherie69 41F
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1/22/2006 11:44 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A funny thing happened to me today at the Spa....;)

I'd like to share this (real) story with you that happened to me today at a hot Spa in Whistler, BC this weekend. After a gorgeous day of amazing powder and great bump runs I was so ready for a deep tissue massage. I called the prestigious spa and was asked if I prefered a woman or a man to work on me. I asked for a man because I like men's strong hands and I also like my massages fairly HARD. So, I meet *Mirko (of Eastern European decent but different name) and I notice that he's in great shape and quite good looking... soft spoken and sweet....so I followed him into the room and then he left me to get undressed. I love being in spas because they are SO relaxing and tranquil. This spa was no different. Soft, soothing music. Low lights. The works. So, Mirko comes back into the room and we chat a bit and I find out that he is married with a child and very happy living in Canada and having a simple, quiet life in Whistler. Nice! He then begins with me on my back while he massages out some very sore muscles.. so hard and tight from all my hard core skiing the day before (and the continuous dancing in the club's dance cage the night before! lol) then asks me to turn over after about 40 minutes. I'm in bliss! He's so GOOD with his hands! so as I lay on my back (the lights are low) with my eyes closed, he begins to work on my arms and legs - it's feeling really great and I ask him to do my stomach too so instead of placing a towel over my breasts, he asks if he could just take down the sheet. I hesitated for a second but because I'm so open, I say okay....what can it hurt? Well, I guess I forget how sexy I am and next thing I know he is massaging my stomach slowly moving southern to my hip bones (!) and the area around my pussy (that is now beginning to get stirred up!) but I keep my eyes closed tightly not wanting to ruin this 'moment' that is making me quite excited! Whilst I am being pussy massaged I can feel his pants brush my left cheek and I can feel his raging hard on (!) slightly pressing into me. I moan slightly getting even more horny as he starts to stick his fingers in my pussy hole and I immediately get soaked! so he proceeds to undo his pants and pull out his cock for me to suck. I immediately oblige teasingly playing with it with my tongue, flicking it back and forth, hearing him speak in his foreign language and moaning quietly...."oh my gawd...." he said as I continued to taunt him with my expertise. I then told him to lick my pussy good and as he did so without hesitation I told him to please suck my clit because I was so close to coming.... I raised my hips off the table, spred my legs wide and pressed his head into my pussy while his tongue rolled around my clit and his fingers worked magic on me making me cum SO hard ..... I had to yell into the pillow so no one could hear me! it was SO fucking good!!!! Of course after I came he proceeded to come all over my face and lips while telling me softly how incredible his orgasm felt! I loved it! What a GREAT massage! I have to say it was one of the BEST massages I've ever had....how unexpected was that??? Anyways, I'd love to hear from anyone that has had a unexpected sexual encounter that they can share...I love naughty stories!

rm_crazymaclee 47M

1/23/2006 3:28 am

everytime i see your pictures or read one of your stories, makes me want to move to canada.

Efilnikufecin69 47M

1/23/2006 4:09 am

Wow, I think I thnk I need a job and location change! You will have to look into my blog for the stories. it would take too long and too much spact to write them here sweets! {=}

Very hot story, very lucky guy!

rm_Rickslovely 44M/50F
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1/23/2006 7:50 am

OOoooh, that one made me wet, Lacherie. Thanks for passing it along....

*Relaxing Kisses*

cumandplay962 39M

1/24/2006 12:01 am

Thanks for the great story! As another said, I too need a career change.

So this is my story, hope you enjoy!

This last summer I spent several weeks in China. Towards the end of my stay I decided to visit the hotel’s very luxurious spa. After the sauna and the Asian bathes, I was led into my private massage room were I laid for several minutes (a little nervous that some Chinese dude would be rubbing me down). Through the door walked this beautiful little Chinese woman (obviously) with long, flowing black hair (and spoke almost no English). After massaging my back, she turned me over and started on my chest. This woman was one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen (after you, Lacerie, of course) and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. As she was working my chest and stomach she inadvertently bumped my cock with her elbow which was all he needed. Not noticing that I was fully aroused, she continued massaging. Of course I had a towel over my waist and when she got lower on my stomach, she finally noticed my erect cock, and froze. I felt terrible, this was such a professional joint and this poor woman, I thought. But, then I saw a smile on her face and the deep tissue massage turned into a very sensual one. Before long she was breathing heavy in my ear with her long hair completely covering my face and her right hand reaching under the towel and caressing my cock. Well, I’m sure you know how the rest went. The next night I went to the spa and skipped all the sauna crap and insisted for the same woman. Bliss two nights in a row AND I arranged for her to meet me in my room the following night. We had an amazing time that third night but, that morning I had to pack to fly to Beijing and then home.
Free love babe!

rm_Lionzmane 47M
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2/2/2006 5:45 pm

Great story, luv to hear them as well. Here is one of my recent one's hope you enjoy it as much as I did?!?

I just had an amazing sex adventure with a woman I met when I was at my home in the Seychelles islands. I was on the beach one day, cleaning up the seaweed from the ocean brought from the night before with my dog. I noticed a very beautiful and sexy woman laying one my beach. I thought she was staying in the hotel close to my house. I did not bother her at first out of respect for other peoples privacy. I thought for sure she was someone wife or girlfriend and she was just enjoying sometime on the beach. As a some time went by I finally decide to try to talk with her. I sent my dog over to her to check out the scene. He is a big dog and she was quickly scared as he approached her. I called him back and told her "Not to worry, he only bites men." She laughed and said it was O.K. she really likes dogs anyway. I stopped my beach cleaning for the day and went over to her. She said her name was Denisa 20 years old from Prague and she was a bikini photo model who was working on the island for a few days. Later to find out she was a erotic nude photo model but who cares a job is a job. Her English was not too good and well my Czech, ha ha much worse than all my other languages. I made her one of my special tropical rum and coke drinks, in the hot sun it went straight to our heads. I asked her how long she had been there and what has she seen from my island. She told me she had not see very much at all. I told her is she wanted I could give her a tour and could she ride a bike? She agreed and I borrowed a bike from a friend who was renting them to the tourist. We rode down to my favorite beach where I surf a lot when I am there. The waves were quick big that day. I took her to the other end of the beach away from the tourist and peeping surfers where she could take off here bikini top with no worries. We laid on the beach for awhile and then I asked her if she wanted to cum into the water. She agreed and off we went. Like I said the waves were big that day about 3 to 4 meters. She got scared and I told here I learned to swim & surf in the ocean and not to worry I would take care for her. I could see in her eyes she was scared. I told here to swim over to me so I could catch her if needed. She swam up to be wrapped her arms and legs around me right away. As soon as I felt here warm body against mine, a shot of energy ran down my back and straight to my cock. Of course she could feel my cock growing fast in my shorts. A small smile on her face, as she reached down and pulled on my cock. I started to kiss her and then my cock went straight to rock hard. I was trying to keep us a flout but we decided to swim back in where we could rest. We laid on the beach towels caressing and kissing as much as possible before the tourist would start to film there own amateur porno on the beach. We went back into town because she had to go back to work soon. I met her everyday for the next days, day and night. I tried to get further with her but to no avail. What I did not realize she was on her period and did not want to mess around during that time. She called me one night and asked If I could come to her room and pick her up before we went out. I arrived to her room and she asked if I would come in. As soon as the door closed she jump on my down to the bed. She started tearing my cloths off, until I was naked. She told me how much she wanted to have sex with me in the last days but could not due to her period. I don't normally go after woman so young but she was just so gorgeous I could not say no. ha ha ha. She grabbed my hard cock and slid it into her eager wet mouth. She sucked my cock so beautifully, licking every 20 cm from top to bottom. Now it was my turn. After licking her entire body, not to miss here beautiful nipples, I started to eat her pussy which was dripping wet & tasted so sweet & was waiting for me. After banging out some hard orgasms. I rubbed my hard purple head, throbbing cock all around her waiting pussy. I slid it inside her ever so slowly, teasing her cm to cm before a full penatration. As I shoved it in deep, she let out a scream of pleasure. She had no problem in having multible orgasms, she banged the first one out in a few seconds. I noticed she would bite the inside of her arm just before she would cum. Needless to say that night she had many small black and blue points under her arms. hee hee hee. We went all night until she had to go to work in the morning, poor dear no sleep for us on that day!!! We continued time & time again the days that followed!!

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