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6/25/2006 10:07 am

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~~You will become what you crave to be.....One must never fear the inner unknown. One must address the desire and open up to the craving....
Seek the end pleasures that is certain....
For if you never travel that road, you will never understand the journey's end and the special results of such travels....

Father of Darkness~~

Something that One I studied under for 10 years would say often in my education, I see that it can apply to straight sexual play as well as Our Way within the Lifestyle.
Many limit themselves for many reasons.....the thought of how something that could feel good would look (straight males do not suck cocks or ass fuck), what others would think about them if the different from the normal was discovered as an enjoyment (aw, we all have our pervert moments) or that it would just plain out and out hurt.
But to limit one's self from their fantasies and making them realities, you are cheating yourself.
One never knows until they try......

Xtreme_Lust4u 70M

6/26/2006 2:57 am

Such profound thoughts . Thirty some years ago I left the erotic road of play . More because of a life situation , than because of fear . Although, admitedly , there always is some degree of fear . I only so , left physically ,and not mentally . The craving desires ,were always within . I never was able to really leave nor do I have that wish . As of recent, I began my return . Its a craving !

nontoxicmale 64M

6/26/2006 6:59 am

Sometimes preconceived notions and self imposed barriers are very difficult to break through, especially if they have been in place for many years. Nevertheless, I think it is worth pushing those boundaries in the name of self discovery. The worst that can happen is that it turns out not to be pleasurable. Still trying to expand my thinking. It isn't easy.

kwm73 62M
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7/17/2006 9:42 am

boy oh boy would i love to meetu. life is so short to contain yourself,so suck sum cocks anddo sum ass we couldnt agree more

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