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8/6/2006 6:46 am

The wonderful world of the internet has opened many a new way to meeting people and making new friends.
This site being a "sex" site has the chance of being with folks that has the same likes and dislikes sexual and you can pretty much pick and choose who is to your liking....
We wish to thank the ones that we have had the pleasure of knowing very well. They were exactly what they stated within their profiles and we enjoyed our experience together.
To the ones that also were what they said but did not go beyond the first meeting, a thank you also. Sometimes the chemistry and the comfort level is just not there, but thank you for your time and effort.
We receive many emails with just a phone number....that just does not work well here. A little time and effort to say something about yourself is appreciated and will get a return email.
We are not looking for much beyond a sexual adventure so if you own a business, a big house or expensive car, we are not impressed. That does not make you who you are. We are interested in the person, the action and the pleasure to all parties.
Read someone's profile....we are far from bi-curious and seek males that are on the same level. If you come in with limits, you will also leave with them.
It may be misleading on some of the fill in the questions and their choices you have here. We have seen penis sizes stated in their profile average as 4 inches or smaller.....
The bottom line is be honest about yourself and you will get a lot further.....

~~We do not dream our fantasies.....we do them...~~

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