LaPlaytogether 62M/62F
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7/2/2006 8:18 am

She stands before him in the candlelight
stripped of all her expectations
she reaches for him
feeling his eyes travel down her body
she stands unafraid....
of years of imperfections she fretted about
she stands before him as a woman
more assured than before
she feels him move closer
she can smell his masculine scent
as she takes this in and lingers
in the sensations he arouses in her
she no longer feels the need to rush
but gives into the hunger....
to hold on to this moment....to recall
standing before him in the candlelight
she feels the soft touch of his hand
lightly running up her arm
goose bumps expose her womanly need
to be caressed
she closes her eyes and feels
his hands explore her curves
she feels his breath on her skin
her mind races with each trace
wanting to look for approval
but afraid to break his mystical spell
she moans softly......
she gives into the urgency of wanting
that yearning that has been burning
deep into her soul
candlight flickers off her body
as she reaches for him
sweet soft kisses tantalized her to the core
she doesn't hold back
hesitates or questions this need
to stand before him
stripped off all pretenses
in the candle light......

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