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Softly He moaned as the kiss of the flogger stroked His back as He hung naked from a rafter on the outside deck Sunday afternoon. Instead of the Top...He desired being My bottom.
My partner in swinging decided this just was not his cup of tea as he watched My careful administration to the visiting Master. The careful circling and testing His limits as His green eyes were lowered, watching and feeling my every move. Watching His body play for the length of his restraits as I watched His ass and back welt with the different colors of pink and red....Feeling His nipples between my fingernails and His soft spoken voice answer questions that was given to Him.....His balls in my hands as His head jerked back in surprise....aw...payback will be a bitch...he whisper with that special shine in His eyes.....wait, sweet One....one day, it is my turn to return this favor....
Afterward, Kevin and I watched as the Master worked his sub to the enjoyment of the outdoors....
~Such a Wicked day!~

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I'm trembling and breathless ! Sensual,sane BDSM is definitely the most exciting exciting form of play .

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