this guy...  

LVsinner04 30F
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2/18/2005 8:29 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

this guy...

I met this guy today. wow, was he cute. he is about the same height i am, with olive skin, sexy eyes. he shaves his head and he has this rough look to him. when i saw him, my jaw drop.i was like damn. anyways he came over and talked for a little while. fuck talking, that's not what i wanted him over there for. but i try not to be too straight forward. things did end up getting pretty hot thought. he smells so good. it was such a turn on. plus, he bit me on my neck and on the back. as weird as that may sound, damn that gets me wild. he wasn't a big fan of oral (i guess someone bit him in the past) but i think i changed that around. i'm really good at using my mouth. hopefully i will see him again. he said that he would come over probably on tuesday. but we'll see.

__New2Vegas__ 41M
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2/21/2005 12:02 am

Great post Sweetie,
As for your friend, I agree I rather give then to receive! It’s sounds like you had a blast… hope you got yours too!
All though, I have had this fantasy of mine, of going out to the movies, at the Palms…
A darkly lit movie theatre, sitting in the top row, her in a short skirt, no panties … getting hard just knowing we can be watched by others while I unzip my pants and sit back and enjoy a long and profound Bj, while I masterfully touch and play with you. Then prop you up and spread her legs while I get on my knees and finish what we started!

Well hope you have a nice day!

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