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5/27/2005 5:02 am

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Enjoy chatting and playing with the ladies
Let me also say before i receive bitch fest that wife knows that i chat and is coool with it.
I dont cheat or have sex off line just enjoy other interests different from others.
I keep hearing that if not here for sex then why be here .Well im quite sure not all ladies are here for just sex .lIKE EVERYONE ELSE they might just like to talk to the people now and then. Im a very openminded person and say what i mean and i mean what i say.Its probably 50 men to evry 1 woman on here so makes it easier for ladies to be contacted.AND when male post hes married pretty much like the kiss of death.
OH or what ar you doing her in the first place if thats the case.Would be curious with the womens profiles saing prefer not to say.
Maybe becuase they either they want to stay private or becuase hubby or boyfriend is not aware they are here.
So why does that make men any less approachable than the ladies.
Have to get ready to run some errands
Love to hear your comments good bad or whatever.
Have a great day everyone

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5/27/2005 6:53 am

i for one like to chat with men im not married but i am engaged but i like to to talk to guys on here for just like a man they do boost my ego also but to be honest most of the married men on here are mostly all talk and boy can they talk.... when i first started on here i was married and looking because my ex was out doin it and so i thought i would start but i actually didnt meet anyone until i was seperated though i like this sight for all reasons have a good one

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