Why waste my time? Does anybody really care?  

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8/2/2006 5:11 pm
Why waste my time? Does anybody really care?

Wow what a question for an adult sex site! But for a site that has girls with beer cans in their twats, and guys with who knows what stuck through their cocks, what can we expect? LOL
I get schocked to see the 32 year old perfect hottie, with requirements up to 32 years old, sorry you are perfect but 1 month too old! LOL
Same for the guys, but what guy would reject a beautiful girl for age, almost none! Then we have the ladies who want W-2s LOL...isn't this just funny? We all look for the same thing, we set our requirements and choose from there! I just don't know! Thanks for the girls who chat and listen and respond angel 4 bbc 69 and tagyourit71 you have made this fun! I am here because its funny, and occassionally you do get fun nice folks! thanks for that! And for those of you who well are just to good to answer those emails from those lesser than your expectations, well....why the heck on you on here? Just curious, if every guy at work and in every bar is hitting on you why be here? Just a question! Not intended to be an asshole! My apologies if you think that! But...why?

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