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9/5/2006 3:58 pm

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For the second time since starting this blog, I have a guy over 50 come here, and comment criticizing me, and what they percieve to be a drinking problem. So, here's the context of the debate so far, feel free to chime in, in either direction. I'm curious why it only seems to be the grandpa crowd who finds it appropriate to pass judgement on a complete stranger.

"Quoting LTsGirl915:
The husband and I are no longer together, we had planned this vaca before we split, and decided to go forth with it. I do deserve better, and hopefully I'll have better one day, in the meantime it was a pretty fun time even though I was quite intoxicated the majority of the time.

Now that's something I've not read before, going on a cruise with an estranged spouse, and sharing the same room with, apparently. Holy moly! It's not hard to predict there would be some problems. I commend you on your fortitude in going ahead with it!

After reading you old blog and this one, I'm struck with the idea that you drink an awful lot. You've probably heard it before, but it is the low road. I've seen a number of people die before their time from it, a couple commit suicide over it, and many others with DUI convictions and other numerous assorted problems, a plethora of nightmares. And every one of 'em thought they could handle it. In all likelihood, at this rate, by age 50 your liver will be fried should nothing worse happen before then.

You should cut WAY back, at least for your children's sake. Don't you want to see them graduate from high school?

Of course, this is all coming from a guy over age 50, by your description, I am "gross", per the beginning page of your old blog."

Yes, we predicted problems, but we had our reasons for going forth with the vacation. And thank you for your concern, but I find it hilarious when someone takes a snapshot look at my life (ie: this blog), and makes a judgement off of it. I don't post my entire life on this blog, or even on my other blog, this is just one aspect of my life. I actually don't drink that much, and only on the weekends under normal circumstances. I definitely drink less than your average 23 year old, and never went through the college drinking phase, so I'm fairly certain I'm doing just fine. "

"You're right, it's only a snapshot view. But telling nevertheless. Finding your arm sliced open and not knowing how it happened. Next could be waking up in bed next to someone you don't know, and no condoms around. Or waking up in jail. Or waking up in a car crash.

Weekend drinking, that's how it begins. Don't drink as much as others, another rationale. They're time-tested classics. But it's progressive, like most other things.

But whatever, I tried. Enough outta me! Good luck!"

Me: (now sufficiently annoyed)
"HC, I took your first comment gracefully, because you don't know me and I don't find it appropriate for you to come here and judge me. I never drink and drive, I never get sloshed enough to not know who I'm with, and where I'm at, I am your average social drinker. "Finding you arm sliced open, and not knowing how it happened", well that was taken out of context. What happened is I brushed my arm against my jeans, and although I had nothing sharp on me, I cut myself. There were three people, including Jersey, right there, and no one could figure out what happened, it was just a freak accident, and had nothing to do with my drinking, considering I was sober. I'm tired of the older men who come here and decide to comment on my life. Did I ask for your advice? No, I sure didn't. You basically question my ability to mother, be a responsible citizen, and take care of myself, which is not appreciated in the least. Your profile says you are a light/social drinker, as am I, so who the fuck do you think you are to pass judgement on a complete stranger? I don't come pass judgement on you, it's not my job to do so, so who appointed you my keeper? I suggest you keep your opinions to yourself in the future, or I will ban you."

So what say ye? Anyone else here think I should be on my way to an AA meeting? Do you think you can judge someone based off their blog? Would you voice your concerns to a complete stranger? Am I over-reacting?

uniquelytwisted 104F

9/5/2006 4:54 pm

People, places and Things should not be apart of controling your life. You live it the best for you, Girlfriend no one knows whats your path nor your journey if they wish to walk with you welcome them and if they find it offencive Pray "they get every thing they deserve in great abundance" and wish them well with your Thank You.

Been there and would not be the same without the experiences, nor would i be as strong.

LTsGirl915 34F

9/6/2006 3:21 pm

Of course I am... we always have a DD, and never engage in high-risk behavior. Basically, someone thinks that because they see a snapshot of my life here, they know what my daily life is all about.

rm_firegle 38M

9/6/2006 5:19 pm

My guess is this person has nothing better to do than voice oppions to others. He is much like a "Letters to the Editor" "columinst" who thinks they have the soultoion to every bodies problem.

jayhawk3537 63M

9/7/2006 8:38 am

Baby, just be who you are and never worry or concern yourself with what other people think. Life is way too short. I'm in my low 50's and am seriously dating a 19 year old, and we can't believe how rude, stupid and insensitive people can be. Especially when they don't even know you. Babe, you ever need a sounding board, I love to listen. Baby, let all the crap you hear go in one ear and out the other and never let it slow down going through. Love Ya!!

LTsGirl915 34F

9/7/2006 9:25 am

Jay, I'm glad you've found someone special... if the age difference doesn't matter to you guys, fuck everyone else! I personally have some age "guides" (over 26, under 43 or so), and although Jersey didn't meet my minimum age requirement, I'm glad I took a chance on him.

rm_Pebcac80 42M
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9/10/2006 1:09 pm

I will tell you, people who go through drug & alcohol treatment find some peace in their life, and they do worry about others. It's part of what the community teaches to help them heal themselves. In that communal environment, everyone has to help everyone else to beat their addiction. I work with a few drug & alcohol treatment centers, and that's a common philosophy. I wouldn't take it too hard, sometimes people learn those lessons the hard way. As to whether or not you need AA: wait until your friends or a bartender tells you so.

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