To My Shadow  

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4/23/2006 2:29 pm

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9/10/2006 4:44 pm

To My Shadow

You can always be my shadow
I will forever be your dream
We'll live in the fairy tale
That was meant for you and me
We'll fly to new heights
Watching new stars being born
Oh baby
If we could only be
Holding each other in our deepest
Midnight creations
Sleeping side by side
Connecting in our minds
Our love will set new examples
Teaching younger souls
We'll open new windows
Setting all spirits free
Our shadows forever joined
In the melodies of the chimes
Together our love
Will outlast the days of mankind

WhatDreamsMC 61M

4/28/2006 9:27 pm

Your poetry is as wonderful as your pictures.

dragonstealth 56M

7/25/2006 1:20 pm

I am not about to be cheesy.You should send a few more posts,as I do enjoy.Damien

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