To Be Continued  

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2/19/2006 2:00 pm

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To Be Continued

As the two lovers meet
In the nightly scented tease

They work together
Thrusting the pedal
Of the spinning wheel

Ripping away the past memories
Taking all the old shredded strings
Weaving a tightly woven tapestry
Deep within their minds

Exposing unleashed fantasy visions
Sharing inner compassion

Ideas they held in store for each other
Enticing the fleshy advances
Waking their creativeness
To the boundaries of the untamed

Letting the candy coated lips
Explore every crevice
Every bountiful point
Beyond the juncture of return

Sucking each others imagination
Not to the extreme
Only to the pleasure
Of feeding the hunger

Trapping the beast
Releasing it when the insatiable appetite
Has had its fill of the appetizers

Working on a menu
They both can understand
As they set the line up
For the rushing of the waves

Building to exploded
They push harder and faster
Spinning wheel
Speeding up its visions
Smoke filling enslaving room
As the aroma of the special fills the air

Temperature gage gushing to the top
Harder faster they push
Quicker rushing exploring even more
Deep yearning to finish
Yet wanting this moment
To last forever and a day


Till they mold into each others souls
Laying together as one
In the middle of the damp covered plate
Only a spoon image of their bodies
There to be seen

Moon beams sparkle
Glistening against naked skin
For it had been peeking at the beauty
Just displayed

Slowly the night slips
Both lovers into dreams

Into dreams
Of the yet to come

She Remembers

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