Sensual Satisfaction  

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3/3/2006 6:22 pm

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Sensual Satisfaction

After working all week, two days off was a desirable thrill
that will be an ultimate pleasure to start. Of course the
clock seemed to have mind of its own, dragging it hands
and laughing a slow aggravating beat. Staring out the
window hoping maybe somehow it would make time slip faster,
didn’t help. It only created more anticipation of just wanting
to go home. My mind drifted to the other night, to a dream
I so wish would come true. My body was trying to re-enact the
feelings I had awoken to, following the erotic journey.
Ok girl I had to snap myself back to reality. You still got
an hour to go. I escaped my cold little corner of the office
and went outside to smoke a cigarette. Watching the traffic
zip by, fed the ache of freedom.

Pacing back and forth one two three, one two three oh come
clock set me free. Soon the hour faded into the wind and I
got a rush of adrenaline, yeee hawwww my mind started singing
Friday, Friday.

On the drive home the dream started taking over again filling
my mind with the pleasures I had received the other night.
Damn it had seemed so real so fulfilling but all the same
it was just a dream. Reality let the alarm clock giggle at
me as it always did.

Pulling into my driveway I couldn’t wait to get inside.
Fumbling for the keys I got the door open.

I was so tired I just wanted to kick back relax check my e-mail
and watch a little TV. I started watching some goofy movie
that was boring me to death.

I turned some soft music on and lay down on the bed and pulled
out my little buddy. Self-relief was the only thing I was
interested in at this point. I put new batteries in bob and
started to rub him slowly where he was needed. My mind kept
shifting back to the colorful dream. How I had wanted something
like that to come true.

I was lying on my bed using bob when I was really close to having
an orgasm. I felt a soft breeze blowing on me next to bob.
At first I jumped but, I was so involved with self-pleasure
I didn’t realize someone had stepped into my bedroom. I
didn’t feel any need to be afraid so I kept bob at his post
because the feeling I was having; I didn’t want it to end.
I then felt a soft touch, he took his hand slowly running
up and down my inner thighs, and then he placed a tender kiss,
which sent shivers to my breast. Little whimpers were escaping
from my breath. Before too long his fingers were exploring
me inside. He said no words but made himself quite known.
I felt his hands take over bob and I just let him direct the
show. I held onto his hands till the joy was costuming me
from head to toes. He knew what to do.

He worked bob keeping him firmly where his assistance was
needed. His ruff tongue dance back and forth as his other
hand held my lips apart so he had complete access to all.
My hands now floated up to my throbbing breast. I squeezed
and pulled at my nipples that were begging for attention.
The noise now filling the room were sounds of pure delight
blanketing the room like a thick rolling fog. I was getting
closer and closer and I could feel my body jerking out of
control. He moved in perfect harmony with me holding me
tight in his arousing custody. Enchanted words from Karma were draping
my mind, conducting the musical melodies that sang from
my heart. Erotic desires were winning this surrendering

The damn inside was cracking the pressure was building.
My hands grabbed at the sheet, knuckles turned ghostly
white as my body fought and begged at the same time. My back
arched I was biting my bottom lip, a titillating battle
cry ripped as the damn caved in. The power that raged now
was sinking me deep into the bright light as my eyes squeezed
tighter and tighter. I didn’t even care who this mystery
stranger was anymore I just wanted to thank him for breaking
the sound barrier I had just flew through. My back collapsed,
drained but revitalized. A musty scent now swam in the air
and a smile of complete gratification painted me inside
and out. I opened my eyes to see the eyes of the instructor
whose lesson was greatly inspirational. Only to see just
a glimpse of my shadow lover as he turned and slipped back
into the darkness.

I bounced out of bed like a little girl ready to face the big
bad world again. What a dream, damn what a dream. Oh well
back to reality but I can’t wait for the next encounter when
my shadow lover makes his entrance.

rm_cherrywine4 29F

3/4/2006 12:23 am

Jeez, would love a shadow lover like that myself! He sure knows what to do.

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