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3/4/2006 9:05 pm

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Blogosphere Zoo

I drown in flames awaiting your eroticism
While you're trapped behind shears of hunger
Between us lays subdued limbs
Longing, aching, to sprout exotic blooms

Loneliness shutters both hearts
As we box shadows in our minds
Trying to grab one embrace
As they dance in laughter

They claimed their residents
Skipping back and forth
Through cold haunted elders
Teasing, inciting our visions
Colors of rage igniting for release
Wanting to free snapdragon kisses
Being stifled by python hugs
Begging for teddy bear snuggles

Till this prefabricated freedom expires
We'll be enlighten in a blogosphere
Wrapped in time’s crystal enchanted doom
That won't let our fleshy spirits roam
Our minds will be living in the zoo
Where only madmen rule

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